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Jerry Lorenzo Introducing Essential New Drop and Hoodies

Fear of God ascended to prominence rapidly due to its work with Kanye West and Justin Bieber, as well as collaborations with Nike and Ermenegildo Zegna. For Fear of God’s founder, Jerry Lorenzo, launching the label in 2013 was the beginning of a much more personal journey and one that culminated with Essentials clothing in 2018, introducing Jerry Lorenzo’s latest Essential New Drop and Hoodies more affordable sister label to Fear of God.

Jerry Lorenzo’s Aim for Essential

Lorenzo explains over the phone from his Los Angeles studio that when he first started Jerry Lorenzo’s Essentials Drop, his aim was to create a diffusion collection for kids who could not afford the products he was creating at a luxury level. People were turned off by the price of luxury products, not understanding what goes into them, or what fabrics and materials are used.

Fear of god Child brand Essential

Exclusion differs from luxury in that it does not revolve around price points, fashion shows with celebrity guests, or narrow definitions of beauty. There is still a lack of accessibility, whether because there is a scarcity of products leading to eye-watering prices on resale sites or because of unpredictable drops of products in stores and online. As a result of much reflection, Lorenzo now sees this mentality as outdated. After a while, I began to feel dishonest about what I was doing with Essentials because it was basically a watered-down version of Fear of God. The piece should be able to stand on its own as well as a part of the mainline.”

Essential Collaboration with Pacsun

Lorenzo continues to make good on that promise with his latest Essentials collection, which hits PacSun today, July 1. This collection retails from $40 to $200. It’s clear that the Essentials brand is becoming a status symbol by itself. Here, the logo appears on sweatshirts, knits, and jersey shorts. “We don’t want accessibility to be a knockoff or a cheaper version of a better thing,” Lorenzo says. (The fact that it’s modelled by some of fashion’s most in-demand faces doesn’t hurt either.) „Why not just make something great at a price point that is accessible?

How Jerry Lorenzo Set Essential design

The adjustment hasn’t been difficult for us as a brand since we have a history and a culture of compassion and understanding for all people,” Lorenzo said. My life has always revolved around this as a person of colour. We have always believed in diversity and inclusion, from how we choose our clothes to how we run our office. We invest in people from all backgrounds and cultures to tell the best, most honest stories.

Lorenzo’s actions echo his words. Fear of God created a T-shirt with 100% of the proceeds going to the children’s trust fund for rapper Nipsey Hussle last year; after the killing of George Floyd last month, the brand launched a collaboration with eight other brands to do the same for Floyd’s daughter.

Jerry Lorenzo’s Essentials Drop, the best streetwear clothing

Lorenzo is keen to ensure the longevity of these causes, instead of relying on the more fleeting, faddish attitudes of streetwear labels seeking quick profits. According to Lorenzo, Essentials is actually a sustainable approach. “It’s about creating the best basics – the best sweatpants, the best hoodie, and the best shape, proportion, and weight.”.

Covid Effect on Clothing

At theme time, Lorenzo always starts from the causes he believes in. “We wanted to make sure that this collection doesn’t become numb or indifferent to the times in which we live. whether it be because of COVID-19 or social injustice,” he concludes. “It’s all about having compassion and empathy for the present moment.”

Some top Essential products


Fear of God, the essential lace-up sneaker

The handcrafted retro low-top sneaker features a canvas and suede upper with a Fear of God print. The canvas silhouette is reminiscent of the skate shoes popular in California during the ’70s, in addition to the leather lining and insole.

A corduroy shirt jacket is an essential piece of clothing

From the recent collection, you can find a corduroy overshirt that can complement any wardrobe. A fine corduroy shell and diamond-quilted lining make this shirt jacket both a shirt and a jacket. You can wear it over a hoodie or white classic Essential T-shirt because it is cut with an oversized fit.

Full-Zip Hoodie Fear of God for men and women

We are suckers for a heavyweight men’s hoodie, and we are not the only ones. With a french terry construction, the Everyday Full-Zip Hoodie sits fairly near the top of the heavyweight male hoodie scale. Thanks to its slightly dropped shoulders. With these slightly dropped shoulders, the hoodie falls perfectly on the shoulders.There is no doubt that the Everyday Full-Zip Essential Hoodie sits fairly near the top of the heavyweight men’s hoodie.

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