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King Fruits Adding Sweetness To Pakistan’s Sour Economy

Pakistan has been facing so many problems from early days of its existence. From immigrants settlement issue to military equipment crisis, political instability and lack of leadership to shattering economy, internal and external debts. All these main issues and their effects have been cutting roots of Pakistan, making it weaker and weaker day by day.

The leading issue among these can be the financial issue. Finance of any country is the backbone of the country. The sovereignty and integrity revolves around the economic independency of the country. If you are indebt then you can’t raise your head.


There are many items that are exported by Pakistan, adding currency and value to the currency of Pakistan. Among the top exports of Pakistan are textile articles, cotton, cereals, leather goods and fruits.  Fruits export of Pakistan is up to $397,596,830. Pakistan is among the top countries who export quality fruits to the world.

Main fruits in the export list of Pakistan are Mango, kino, apple, dates, pine nuts, oranges and guava. The king fruits and their sweetness are adding some sweetness in the sour economy of Pakistan. Pakistan exports fruits to some of the big countries of the world like China, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Malaysia and Vietnam etc. Among them, Pakistani mangoes are famous. Mango is one of the sweet and expensive fruit exported by Pakistan.

If we look at the statistics, we can see that around $397,596,830 is earned by Pakistan annually through the fruits export. Among them, China contributes the most with an amount of $5.06 millions, Vietnam pays about $5 million, Malaysia with a share of around $3.13 million, Australia pays around $ 1.47 million for Pakistani fruits and the list goes on.

Here we will discuss separately about different fruits and their profit to Pakistan economy and also the main importers of the fruit.


Mango, the king of fruits, is the main fruits in the list of Pakistani fruits that is exported. The demands of Pakistani Mangoes in UK are increasing year by year. Due to the increasing demands, this year the export target of mango has enhanced up to 70,000 tons. The main markets of this fruit are Middle East, Australia and Europe and the exporters are expecting a huge earning this year.

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Apple is another important fruit that is supporting Pakistan’s economy. Pakistan has a big opportunity to capture the Russian market as the importers there have shown keen interest in Pakistani apples. According to some private sources, Pakistan stands on 10th number in the list of apple producers with 1.495 million apples. The overall apple production of Pakistan has surpassed 6.5 million tons. Afghanistan is main importer of Pakistani apples.


Pakistani kenos are another important fruit that supports the economy of Pakistan. This is a profitable business as the demands of Pakistani fruits are increasing day by day. Last year Pakistani keno exporters had target of 300,000 tons of keno but luckily they managed to export 450,000 tons of kenos to the world.

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Another important fruit exported by Pakistan, which helps a lot to earn and maintain economy of Pakistan. The main importers of Pakistani oranges are Afghanistan with share of 54.5%, Philippines with share of 14.21%, and Kazakhstan with share of 10.47%.


There are two seasons for this fruit in Pakistan i.e. summer and winter. This fruit is mainly cultivated in the Sindh and Punjab provinces of Pakistan. Pakistan produces about 460k tons of guava each year. Major markets for Pakistani guavas are UAE, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Canada. The market of guava has reached up to 1 billion rupees according to sources. Along with other main fruits this fruit also add some sweetness to the sour economy of Pakistan.

Along with the above mentioned fruits, there are some other fruits that Pakistan exports like date, and pine nuts etc. These fruits separately have no big value but together they are one of the main exports of Pakistan which helps economy of Pakistan. The demand of Pakistani fruits especially of mangoes is increasing year by year and it’s finding new markets for it.

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