Were you ever driven to repeat verses of God’s word like Muhammad?

In order to accurately recite Quran with Tajweed, we’ve created this course, which gives you the opportunity to learn Quran from professors who are both highly qualified and certified.


what’s in each chapter

One of the best online Tajweed teachers is available:

We are pleased to report that our online Quran Tajweed tutors are the best in the business.


Each of our teachers undergoes an extensive interview and selection process in which they are judged on their competence and ability by experts.


• They use technology-based elements such as 3D letter articulation points, PowerPoint slides, etc. to circumvent traditional teaching techniques.


• Our instructors have a wealth of knowledge and are able to motivate and inspire their students. Students who are learning Tajweed online are kept engaged by these teachers.


Online Tajweed teachers are fluent in English, so they can educate their pupils effectively and effortlessly. •


When teaching non-Arab Tajweed, they are well-versed in the usual faults and challenges they encounter.


Tajweed instructors share their knowledge and experience as they guide students through the process of putting these rules into practice.


• They received their Ijazah of teaching the Quran from Al Azhar University, one of the world’s most renowned institutions.


Tajweed practice activities have been designed using audio and movies to keep the instruction interesting and memorable.


• They are capable of making you confidently recite surahs and even the entire Quran.


Our online Quran Tajweed quizzes and competitions:

Learn the Tajweed of the Qur’an online in a fun and engaging setting.

Quran Tajweed online classes are supplemented and reinforced with a variety of quizzes and competitions that are specifically created to maintain students’ attention. Students can better prepare for these contests by being made aware of them in advance.


Teachers sometimes surprise students with tajweed-related oral exams to ensure that they are correctly pronouncing the rules of tajweed.


A favorite exam type for students of all ages is a quiz, which they work hard to score high on. These quizzes are conducted regularly after each lesson.


Schedule your online Tajweed courses at any time, day or night:

Anywhere & anytime, you may learn Tajweed online.

It is possible to access Hidayah Network at any time of day or night because of its 24-hour availability. You can now study the Qur’an at your own pace by doing so online.


Whether you’re in Asia or Europe, you can use our service. In order to accommodate your schedule, we’ve engaged a large number of Quran Tajweed teachers who are available at various hours.


All you have to do is devote as much of your available time as possible to this course, and avoid any other activities that can divert your attention.


Our revolutionary strategies let you learn Tajweed online with ease.

In today’s online learning classrooms, teachers are aware that new tactics and inventive ideas are critical to their success. These people have discovered ways to make Tajweed learning online more fun.



It is not only the syllabus that is taught but also the audio and video presentations by the tutors in Online Tajweed sessions for beginners.


In order to help students learn Arabic letters quickly, teachers use these resources to create lesson plans and play excerpts from the most trusted websites, including Kahoot.


Tajweed lessons: repetition and practice

Tajweed is a skill that can only be honed by practice and repetition. As a result, we push our pupils to work harder and stay up with the tajweed regulations they learn in class.


Revision of the previous lesson is a key part of online Quran education with Tajweed since it provides a jump-start for pupils.

It’s easy to learn Quran Tajweed via the internet:

Tajweed lessons can be learned online by reciting them loudly and clearly.


Thus, it’s best to learn Quran Tajweed online on top of your own speech. This will allow you to learn from your mistakes and offer you the opportunity to fix them.


Take a look at this: Tajweed lessons for children are available at our school.


Listening to the Qari and mimicking his voice:

There are several tajweed-compliant Qaris who can recite the Quran flawlessly. Listening to their recitation encourages the pupils to memorize the Quran with Tajweed in a beautiful and perfect manner.


A single rule at a time is introduced in Quran Tajweed classes:

Students get burdened and disengaged when the rules are jumbled up in their heads.


In Quran Tajweed courses, we only teach one rule at a time and make sure to practice and apply it correctly. When our teachers are confident that their students have learned a rule, they will move on to the next one.


– One-on-one online Tajweed Quran classes:

Online Tajweed lessons for one-on-one tutoring

Our online Tajweed-taught Quran sessions are now available, allowing you to concentrate more on your lesson and avoid distractions and diversions…


Taking a one-on-one session can be quite beneficial for students who have difficulty speaking up in front of a group. Students are better able to concentrate on the topic at hand and complete their assignments on time when they attend classes like this.


While Tajweed requires a lot of time and effort, it can only be learned in a one-on-one setting.


Tajweed certificates and our reward policy:

After each month’s assessments, we give our pupils awards to show them how much we value and appreciate them.

In order to keep the Tajweed-reading position holders motivated, they receive presents and monetary rewards.

All students who regularly attend the online Tajweed classes receive certificates signed by the supervisors.

in the future, when they apply to become certified Tajweed teachers, these Tajweed course certifications will be advantageous to the students.


– Book 2 of the free online Tajweed lessons for the Quran is available here:

Using our online platform, you can try out two free Tajweed lessons from two different teachers. Because we truly care about our students, we’ve made this easy for you.

If you’d want to continue your Tajweed education online, you can choose from two teacher trials.


Feedback and evaluation of the online Tajweed course for the Quran:

Additionally, we provide feedback on our online Quran Tajweed course for areas of improvement in our students’ work.

The evaluation form is filled out every day to keep track of each student’s progress, and the track record is updated after each lesson. The supervisors and the parents of the pupils are then given access to their evaluation forms.

It aids in the examination of students’ errors and weaker areas so that the instructor and parents can work together to improve them.

Students fill out a feedback form to air their grievances regarding anything (the class, the teacher, the syllabus, etc.) that they feel should be taken into account by the supervisors. They’re expected to inform us how much fun it is to learn Quran Tajweed online from time to time.


– A Quran Tajweed course for children of all ages that may be taken online:

Our online Tajweed course has been designed to accommodate students of all ages, starting at the age of four.

Our Tajweed program is tailored to the needs of students of various ages. The curriculum can be further customized by parents and students.

Our training is tailored to people who want to learn Quran Tajweed at a specific level.

– Join our online group classes to learn how to read Quran using Tajweed:

Learn to read the Quran with Tajweed in our interactive group lessons, now available to you online.

This online Tajweed course encourages students to communicate with each other and listen to each other’s courses. The sum of these individual efforts, together with the efforts of the group, is excellent.

Siblings can sign up for a group class that makes it easy for parents to keep tabs on their children and watch them on a daily basis.

Do take a look at our pricing list for group classes, which includes a variety of options to suit your needs.

In a stimulating setting, you can learn the Quran with Tajweed online.

Online learning of the Quran with Tajweed in a highly motivating setting is our specialty, and we make sure that every lesson is delivered exactly as intended.

Students are always encouraged to succeed, even if they are slower to pick up the material than their peers. As a result, pupils are more likely to succeed when they are surrounded by a pleasant and motivating atmosphere.

When students are fatigued, our qualified online Quran Tajweed tutors allow them to interact freely and provide them pauses as needed.



We are committed to bringing you the greatest online Tajweed training using the Zoom application. If you’ve always wanted to add Tajweed’s diamonds to the beauty of your recitation, we’re here to help you get there.


We want to bring students together under one roof to learn Quran with Tajweed online, where language is no longer a barrier, with the help of our skilled and efficient Quran teachers, innovative teaching methodologies, schedule flexibility, and a free trial chance to visit here: Articlebeep

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