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Learning about the 3 Rs of waste management Malaysia

Each of us needs to contribute in order to keep as much waste out of the landfill as possible. The 3 Rs of waste management Malaysia — Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle — are one approach to put that plan into action.


1.Reduce refers to reducing the quantity of waste we produce.


2.Finding new uses for items that would have otherwise been thrown out is what is meant by reuse.


3.Recycle refers to the process of converting waste materials, such as plastic milk bottles, into new, valuable materials (like picnic benches, playground equipment and recycling bins).


Learn to cut back (reduce)


Simply put, reducing means producing less garbage. It is the first of the three Rs because it is the most effective waste management Malaysia to preserve the environment. By cutting back, you eliminate the issue from its root. Less garbage to clean up implies less waste to produce in the first place. Here are some quick strategies to cut back on your trash production:


Use a lunchbox to pack your meal. Large amounts of waste are produced by paper and plastic bags, and plastic bags take hundreds of years to degrade. Instead, use a sturdy lunchbox or reusable lunch bag. The same applies to what you include in your lunchbox. Try using reusable containers in place of disposable baggies.


When shopping, take reusable bags with you. The majority of retailers offer reusable canvas or tough plastic shopping bags. Some supermarkets even give you a little discount at the register if you BYOB (bring your own bags).


Avoid buying bottled water. Use a reusable water container as opposed to purchasing bottled water.


Watch your purchases. Take note of the packaging when you’re at the grocery store. Is it possible to empty out the container and utilise it for something else? Additionally, if one of two comparable products has less packaging than the other, you might want to choose that one.


Recycling knowledge


Reusing is the process of finding a new use for outdated or unwanted goods that you may otherwise discard. You can reuse products in a variety of ways to lessen your trash footprint, including:


Sort through your closet. Perhaps you have grown in size. Perhaps you now have different tastes. Give old garments to someone who will want them rather than throwing them away. Give the clothes to a friend who has a young child if, for instance, you have a package of toddler clothes and your “baby” is now enrolled in grade school. Additionally, you may give your clothes to a variety of charitable organisations for them to resell while you benefit from a large tax advantage.


Divvy up your toys. Do you possess a number of outdated toys that you no longer require? Give them to a local preschool, childcare centre, or family with children. You might also give them to a neighbourhood charity. Less garbage is generated the more you share.


Use an old object in a new way. Consider additional potential uses for something before discarding it. For example, glass jars can be used as storage in your shop or crafts space. Cut up old bath towels can be used as washcloths. As bird feeders, plastic pop bottles take on a new use. Use old magazines to weave a tray or basket. The toothbrush you’re changing also makes the ideal scrub brush for scrubbing hard-to-reach places.


Conduct a garage sale. You know, the dining room table, gym gear, trinkets, blender, and other things you no longer use around the house? There is someone who would adore having these. A garage sale is a fantastic method to declutter your home and encourage the reuse of all the things you don’t need. You can also earn a little money. After the sale, pack up anything that didn’t sell and give the remaining items to a nearby charity; many of them will come to your home to take them up.


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Take up recycling.


The last and most popular of the three Rs is recycling. Recycling is the process of turning waste materials into new goods in order to reduce the consumption of virgin resources.


You can recycle corrugated cardboard, milk jug-style containers, newspaper and inserts, tin and aluminium cans, and other materials by placing them in your red-lid Rogue Disposal & Recycling cart. But what will happen to those things later?


Paper bags, paperboard (such as boxes for soap, cereal, tissue, and shoe boxes), fresh cardboard, and even the corrugated cardboard’s squiggly midsection can all be made from recycled corrugated cardboard.


The plastic from milk jug-style containers is recycled to make new plastic bottles, decking, buckets, Frisbees, storage bins, stadium seats, and more!


One of the most often recycled and easiest-to-recycle products is newspaper. Egg cartons, building insulation, paper plates, kitten litter, construction paper, phone books, drywall, and fresh newspapers are all made from yesterday’s news.


Additionally, when you place tin and aluminium cans in the recycling cart, they are sent to a facility where they can be recycled into a number of new goods, preventing them from ending up in a landfill and extending their useful life. Old cans might be transformed into new cans or into items like bicycle frames or asphalt roads.


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