Medical Website for Doctors and Web Marketing Strategies

Every day millions of people search online for products and services near them. When it comes to a service, the search not only aims to find the first supplier nearby, but the user is also looking for proof of professionalism and a website for doctors reviews about the professional. For operators of the medical / health service such as doctors’ offices, ENT doctors, ophthalmologists, pediatricians, etc., having a website is therefore essential to be found and show your experience in the sector. In this article, I will describe how a website for doctors should appear and what is necessary for a functional medical website.

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  • 1 Website for doctor’s office: 5 fundamental elements
  • 2 Medical site or dental site: what not to do
    • 2.1 The importance of a professional website
  • 3 Site for medical and dental offices: my three strategies for a performing site
    • 3.1 Create an optimized and linked Google My Business listing
    • 3.2 Optimize the SEO side of the site for positioning on Google
    • 3.3 Open a “News” section and show case studies and updates in the sector
  • 4 Prices and Estimates Creation of Websites for dental and medical practices

Website for doctor’s office: 5 fundamental elements

A website for doctors or any other medical practice is not just a window but must offer safety, ease of navigation, and clear and precise information. This is only possible with a professional site. The goal is to create a website to acquire customers capable of transmitting the professionalism and trust that the user needs to become a customer. Let’s see the fundamental elements of a medical website.


The main page of the site must contain all the main information, and best describe the study.

About page

The personal page is one of the most visited among the sites of professionals in the medical sector. This is because people want to know the doctor or specialist they will trust. On the “About” or “The Firm” page, I advise showing a short Biography with photos of each professional. Human contact is very important in the sector, and users want to “see” to who they will relate.

Services page

Another fundamental point is to clearly and precisely expose the services the firm offers. This is to give the user (potential client) the certainty that you are the right firm for his needs. If different services are offered, as in the case of clinics, I advise creating a main page with all the benefits and related sub-pages with a list of the services performed for each category.

Timetables, Map, telephone number, email, and contact form

Quick contacts and information on the activity are equally essential. It is, therefore, necessary to have a “Contacts” page with office hours, a Google map for driving directions, contact details, and a form for any requests. For a truly functional site, I advise having quick contacts (phone and email) clickable and visible on every page of the site. This will encourage direct contact for making appointments.

Reviews section

The new word of mouth. People are extremely influenced by the reviews and opinions of other users, and taking care of your online presence also means taking these factors into account. A great way to increase user confidence is to display customer reviews on your website. This is possible by embedding Google reviews, for example.

Medical website: what not to do

For an excellent medical site to be created, certain ethical obligations must be observed. For one thing, posting misleading advertisements such as fake news or links to pharmaceutical or healthcare technology companies is impossible. Furthermore, the doctor cannot directly sell any service, product, or other good.

Regarding the direct contact between the doctor and the patient, there are several rules to follow, again taken from articles of the Code of Medical Ethics. Website for Doctors and patients will be able to use email to communicate.

The exchange of emails represents only a piece of professional advice and suggestion since, without a real medical examination, it is impossible to reach definitive therapeutic conclusions. Furthermore, during the email exchange, the patient’s name and address must not be present in the messages.

The importance of a professional website

All the rules of these guidelines must be respected since the Order of the website for Doctors continuously checks the site’s content to guarantee the public a correct health information service.

According to numerous studies, many people today search online for different aspects of their health. This is a delicate step, as well-structured and guideline-compliant sites can prove useful. But if, as unfortunately often happens, you use poorly developed areas, you can run into errors that can be serious. Therefore, it is necessary to create a useful and direct professional medical website design so that anyone can benefit from it.

Website for medical: my three strategies for a performing site

Having a professional website is the starting point for an effective online presence. A defined strategy is required to have a performing website capable of generating new customers for your studio, in line with the services offered. Below are three methods I use for medical and dental sites.

Create an optimized and linked Google My Business listing

The Google My Business card allows you to be found online and on Google Maps, the most used navigator in Italy. Thanks to the My Business cards, Google proposes the activities in a specific area in a particular product/service, locates them, and provides the essential information.

As a specialist, I configured the My Business cards of the customers.

If you want to know more information please visit https://www.healthcaremarketingagency.net/

Optimize the SEO side of the site for positioning on Google

To make your website appear in Google searches, it is necessary to do SEO optimization. SEO allows you to position your website on Google and search engines, making it appear for the products/services you offer in your area.

Open a “News” section and show case studies and updates in the sector.

Communicating with your target audience is essential, today more than ever. This will allow users to understand the studio’s background better and make them confident in your professionalism.

Prices and Estimates Creation of Websites for dental and medical practices

If you are looking for a professional in web marketing to create your website in Alba, Bra, and Cuneo or the provinces of Turin and Asti, you can always rely on me.

If you want to create a website for your dental or medical office, feel free to contact me. You will receive an immediate response by submitting your request using the form below. We will make an appointment without obligation to study together with the best solution for your studio.

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