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Outdoor Tile Trends 2022

2022 is already here, and with it come new decorative tile solutions that will help give your home a fresh and trendy look. The main role is given to warm materials and pronounced design, strict and neutral shades, as well as textures that are directly related to the beauty of nature.

Wood is one of the favorite materials for architects and interior designers when it comes to creating an autumnal atmosphere in a home. We are talking about accessories, such as stools, tables made of trunks and pallets or floor coverings. In any case, this material is a great choice to bring warmth and naturalness to the space.

Due to its technical properties, ceramic wood remains unchanged for a long time, which is why it better suited for home decoration than natural wood. The use of ceramic innovations results in ultra-realistic designs, with lighter or more vibrant patterns in a trendy color palette.

Gray is considered neutral. Previously, it seemed that it was appropriate only for interiors in a cold, minimalist and industrial style. But modern models, designed using gray shades, are very diverse and serve as the epitome of comfort. One of the latest trends is to tile all floors and walls in gray, forming a sort of canvas on which to decorate with the seasons.

Trends 2022

A good alternative for flooring is wide format gray tiles to reduce the number of joints and provide a neat and uniform finish – ideal if you want to achieve a sense of harmony.

Models of large-format porcelain tiles in gray colors imitate wood, stone and even marble. You will certainly find a product that best suits your desired style and taste.

On the other hand, you can bet on the opposite option, namely small format tiles, which are also in fashion this year. A rich palette of grays is complemented by graphics designed down to the smallest detail to furnish interiors with a touch of artisanal and vintage aesthetics.

Calm and natural design is in increasing demand for living spaces. The concept gained particular popularity during the lockdown last year, when there was a surge in the home renovation market. The new stone-like ceramic collections fit perfectly into the autumn design, calm and natural.

Ceramic tiles – the best finishing material for the bathroom. Besides it, Armenian ceramic tiles have a beautiful and unique design. It is resistant to moisture and cleaning agents and is remarkably durable. Manufacturers produce many decorative models “under the stone.” Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular facing materials. It used in construction since ancient times! This material is always in fashion. Despite the fact that new products are constantly appearing on the building materials market, they cannot compete with classic ceramic tiles, since this facing material has excellent characteristics.

The main advantage of ceramic tiles is their high level of strength. Modern ceramic tiles 2022 are very durable, resistant to external influences and abrasion. It does not bend, does not undergo deformation, does not break even when exposed to significant loads. The level of rigidity and wear resistance depends on the thickness of the product.



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