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Painful Custom Packaging: Benefits and How it Works

Since the pandemic, more of us are opting for online shopping. For some, mail delivery has become the best time of the day!

As exaggerated as it may seem, in the age of instant gratification, there is something magical about having a package delivered. Waiting, however short, creates anticipation. And the moment of unboxing is a different pleasure from that of shopping in the store.

The first impression counts

As an e-merchant, you have surely already thought about how your customers will use your products. But have you thought about when they will receive them?

Imagine their reaction when they go to open their mailbox and see a cardboard box or a regular mailing bag inside. They will simply tear open the packaging to get the long-awaited product inside.

Now imagine they open their mailbox and see beautiful personalized packaging with your brand or a colorful design! Instead of tearing it up immediately, they will surely take a photo of the packaging and post it as an Instagram story.

Discover Printful’s personalized packaging

With Printful’s new custom packaging option, you can show off your brand image before your customers even open their packages. You give them a unique unboxing experience, and they reward you with social media shares, repeat orders, and positive reviews.

Personalized packaging is also an opportunity to do something for the planet by opting for more eco-responsible packaging, such as reusable or biodegradable packaging, for example.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at how custom boxes wholesale in USA works and where to get packaging.

What is print on demand with personalized packaging?

First of all, you should know that if you opt for Printful’s print on demand with personalized packaging, everything works the same way as with a classic print on-demand service. You connect your online store to Printful, create products, add them to your store, and start selling.

Normally when you receive an order, we print your product and ship it in plain white polythene packaging or in a cardboard box if the item requires additional protection. We call this packaging a white label because it doesn’t feature any mention of Printful. Your customers cannot know that you are using our services.

Now you have the possibility to add your brand name and create the packaging design of your choice to have your orders packaged in an elegant packaging that you send to us. For the rest, nothing changes: we print, pack and ship your products ourselves!

What custom packaging can you use with Printful?

If you want to use custom packaging with Printful, you’ll need to bulk order it from a supplier and send it to us.

Currently, you can only use custom plastic mailers and bubble mailers, but we plan to support more packaging options in the future.

Which products can be shipped with personalized packaging?

Currently, custom packaging is available for single-item orders that can be shipped in mailers or bubble mailers. Products that require special packaging or boxes to protect them in transit are not eligible for Printful’s custom packaging service. These products are:

  • Caps
  • Jewelry and keychains
  • Stationery and stickers
  • Wall decoration items
  • Water bottles and mugs

Where can orders with personalized packaging be shipped from?

It is better to store your packaging close to your customers. Custom packaging can be stocked in the following production centers:

  • United States: in our two centers in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Canada: at our center in Toronto, Ontario
  • Europe: in our centers in Riga, Latvia and Barcelona, ​​Spain

You can store custom packaging in multiple production centers.

How do I set up custom packaging on Printful?

  • Have your custom packaging checked by Painful

To add custom packaging to your single item orders, you must first have us verify the packaging. In your request, send a photo and the dimensions of your packaging.

  • Please wait 1-4 business days while we review your request
  • We check your packaging
  • You send it to us for storage

When your packaging is accepted, go to your dashboard and make a shipment. Then download, print, and add shipping labels to your boxes or pallets to help us identify your items and store them properly.

Once we’ve received your shipment and stored it, we’ll send you an email or a notification on your Printful dashboard. From there, we will use your custom packaging for your single item orders if they are fulfilled in the same center where your packaging is in stock.

For more informative articles like these visit our site:

Choose your packaging

Now that you know how to add custom packaging with Printful let’s move on to the most interesting part: choosing your sleeves.

If you’re good at it and want to customize your own packaging and send it to us, you can. Just make sure your envelopes are strong and waterproof enough to protect your products during transport.

This option is worth considering if you receive few orders and want to have full control over the appearance of your packaging. Otherwise, the production of the packaging could take too long!

Here is a list of 4 companies that can make your personalized sleeves, with essential information such as:

  • minimum order
  • the price per bag
  • matter
  • customization options
  • manufacturing and delivery

Use this information and do your own research on which options sound most appealing to you.

It’s your turn!

I hope you are now ready to add your custom Painful packaging and that this article has inspired you to provide a unique unboxing experience for your customers. Whether you are a fan of a colorful and fully personalized approach or a more discreet and eco-responsible approach, I am sure that you will find the ideal solution for your business.

Visit our custom boxes wholesale in USA page to learn more or add one. And tell us about the brand packaging that impressed you the most in the comments!





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