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Popular Apartment Kitchen Layouts You Can Pick From

The kitchen is not just a place to cook meals and store your utensils, but it holds the position and importance of the central space of the home in numerous cultures of the world. It is the place where families sit together to share their meals, worries, concerns, happiness, and achievements, as most of the traditional homes do not have the concept of a separate dining area. Scroll through this article, to know more about Apartment Kitchen Layouts.

Even if a separate dining area is there, it is only used at the time of hosting guests. This is why people are more concerned and conscious about getting the right sized kitchen with the layout that suits their family and style. The modern establishments are also paying more attention to the design and layout of the kitchen to accommodate the need and demands of the general public.

If you are in search of popular apartment kitchen layouts you can choose from them. Read this article in detail, and you will get numerous ideas.

Top 7 Apartment Kitchen Layouts to Consider for New Home

While getting a new place, people have the ease and independence of decorating their bedrooms and living space however they want. The kitchen is usually the space that comes with fixed stoves, cabinets, and islands. So there is little room to change anything. Which can become problematic for you. To avoid reaching such a point, you must be aware of kitchen layouts and pick the one that suits your style.

Here are some of the popular apartment kitchen layouts you can consider for your new home and ensure a catchy yet comfortable outlook.

One Wall Kitchen

The most popular apartment kitchen layout in the present era is the one-wall kitchen. As the name suggests, the whole kitchen is unfolded and limited on a single wall. It includes the stove, sink, and cabinets. Such kitchens have quite a composed and neat look and are often found in modern establishments. This is why people explore apartments for sale in Jumeirah village circle, which have modern layout and ask for one wall kitchens.

Gallery Kitchen

The galley kitchen is most common in the old establishments and used to be a popular apartment kitchen layout. Galley kitchens have a closed, narrow, and rectangular layout in which one wall has a stove and cabinets, with a sink on the wall behind it. One side has a kitchen door with kitchen appliances on the wall in front of it. Such a kitchen can feel congested even with two people around. So only opt for it if you do not have claustrophobia.

L Shaped Kitchen

L-shaped kitchen is another popular layout that is mostly found in modern urban settings. As the name suggests, the kitchen is designed in the shape of the alphabet L, with one long side and one short side. The longer side usually contains a stove, cabinets, and kitchen appliances. And the shorter side consists of a sink and a little more storage.

U Shaped Kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen has also become quite a popular layout. Such a layout also hints at the shape of alphabet U. the three sides of the kitchen are covered while being attached and linked to each other. The remaining wall usually contains a full-sized kitchen refrigerator. Such a kitchen is ideal for families, as it offers extensive space for storage. And everyone to sit together during meal times.

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Peninsula Kitchen

Another popular apartment kitchen layout is the peninsula kitchen. People who are fond of cooking and feeding their families to the point of spoiling them always need more space in the kitchen. The Peninsula kitchen is specifically designed to accommodate their need for space. Such a kitchen includes a countertop with seating space attached to one wall of the kitchen.


Kitchenettes are the apartment kitchen layout that is mostly used in micro-apartments. Most of the time, a little nook of the living space is used as the kitchen. Which includes a small stove, sink, and a few cabinets over them. Some of the kitchenettes also include a mini-fridge with space for a microwave over it. Such a kitchen layout is ideal for single residents and students who do not cook often.

Island Kitchen

The last and one of the most popular apartment kitchen layouts you can consider for your new home is the island kitchen. It is the type in which a separate island is included in the general layout of the kitchen with a countertop and stools for extra space and seating. Such a kitchen layout is quite common. And you can explore apartments for sale in Jumeirah village circle to find a place with such a kitchen and lots of other qualities.

Do you have any specific demands?

If yes, you might face a hard time finding an apartment with that, in case it is unique and not so common. Still, you should not feel forced to compromise. Make sure to contact professional real estate builders if they can accommodate your choice or buy an apartment to make renovation of your choice and live life on your terms in your dream home.

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