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Pros & Cons of empty cigarette boxes in cardboard material

Many people around the world are consuming cigarettes on daily basis. You need to pack your cigarettes safely to give your customers a good smoking experience. Your packaging plays an important role in attracting a wide range of buyers. Empty paper flip top cigarette boxes are proving to be beneficial for packing delicate cigarettes.

They are made of cardboard and will secure the cigarettes. Brand owners can purchase these boxes from reliable packaging suppliers. They are available at affordable rates. Some brands don’t like to use cardboard material for packaging. Each packaging material has its pros and cons. In this post, we will discuss the pros and cons of empty cigarette boxes in cardboard material.

Advantages of using empty cigarette boxes

Cost effective way to market your cigarette brand

There are plenty of tobacco brands in the industry. If you want to differentiate your brand from others make sure you pay attention to packaging. Empty Paper Flip top Cigarette Boxes are a perfect way to promote your brand. When the logo is printed at the top of the box it will enhance the position of your brand in the market. It is a good way to organize your cigarettes and keep them safe. Many brands believe that cardboard is the best packaging material.
It is durable and easy to access while it is available at affordable rates. Your packaging will become your brand ambassador and give a professional display to cigarettes. If you want to launch a new product in the market you can use these boxes. It will be easy to enhance the sales with the right kind of packaging.

Helps in attracting targeting customers

Cardboard cigarette boxes are an innovative choice to attract your targeting customers. The custom printed cigarette box can be used to showcase your logo. These customized boxes are available in various shapes, sizes, and styles. You can get it customized according to the theme of your cigarette brand. It is an excellent strategy to win the hearts of many customers. When your packaging draws enough attention it will increase your sales instantly.

Highly durable and sustainable

People check the quality of the product with the packaging design. With customized cardboard packaging your cigarettes will remain safe from damage. The tobacco and nicotine inside the cigarette will remain free of contamination. You can deliver your products safely from one place to the other. When it comes to shipping, cardboard is the best material. These boxes will reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint. You can purchase these boxes in bulk and get big discounts. If your brand uses eco-friendly packaging it will give a good impression about yourself.

Promotes an efficient marketing strategy

Empty Paper Flip top Cigarette Boxes have proven to be an efficient marketing strategy. The customization on these boxes will enhance the appeal even more. If you add a window at the top of the box it will give an alluring view of the product from the outside. It is important to print the ingredients, expiry, and production date on the box. Your customers will get a lot of confidence as they purchase your products. When you print this useful information on your packaging it will help you present your cigarettes professionally. With customized boxes, you can get customer loyalty and get their attention. There are plenty of coatings and embellishments that you can use to enhance the packaging level.

Easy to handle

The best thing about a custom boxes is that it is easy to handle. You can mold it in different sizes and styles. Brand owners can choose the right material to keep their cigarettes safe from wear and tear. In this digital era, custom boxes are designed with the latest technology. Digital and offset printing can be used to print your brand’s information. These boxes are lightweight and you can carry them easily from one place to the other. When you add a lid at the top of the box, smokers can keep it safely inside their pockets.

Disadvantages of using empty cigarette boxes

May deform under pressure

Empty cigarette boxes that are made with cardboard may deform under pressure. Even though this material has a lot of strength it can be crushed or dented. These boxes may damage under intense weather conditions. Sometimes harsh elements can also affect the quality of the box. You will be surprise to know that the cardboard box is not waterproof.

Not waterproof

The cardboard is not waterproof and it will become defective in the rainy season. You can purchase these boxes in bulk but make sure that the quality is good. Many tobacco brands choose cardboard cigarette boxes but are they suitable? This is what you have to decide. When comes to cigarettes contains tobacco and nicotine. If water enters inside the box your cigarettes will get damage.

Not safe for large shipments

If your brand is using empty cardboard cigarette boxes it may not be safe for large shipments. When you want to deliver your cigarettes safely this option may not be suitable. You can add some inserts inside the box that make keep your cigarettes free of contamination.

How can you design a suitable empty cigarette box for your brand?

If you want to make your brand popular among customers pay attention to your packaging. It is important to keep both pros and cons in mind before making the final choice. Customize the box with the name and logo of your brand. When you work on giving a good unboxing experience to customers they will come back for more. As cigarettes are a luxurious and recreational item, your packaging should boast of excellence.

The safety of your product is the first thing that every brand owner has in mind. You can choose the right packaging solution. Whether it is cardboard, Kraft, or corrugated material, they all can be a good choice. If you want to give a professional display to cigarettes make sure you pick the right packaging materials.

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