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Quick View For Woocommerce plugin

Woocommerce is the world’s most popular eCommerce platform. and its growing popularity of the vendors have more opportunities to reach out their audiences through websites. Quick View for Woocommerce offers users a quick way to view products on their websites. And  help users navigate through products by offering filters and sorting options, so they can quickly locate the products they are looking for on their website.

With the increasing trend of eCommerce platforms this plugin provides a quick and easy way to show your products in a unique and visitor-friendly manner. With a quick view on WooCommerce, retailers can gain a better understanding of their shoppers and use this knowledge to tailor their product listings to best suit these shoppers’ needs.

What Does a Quick View Actually Do?


Quick View is a new feature that allows users to see the product in real-time. Quick View makes it easier for shoppers to purchase products or add them to their wishlists with its AI capabilities. It processes of the product and then display the list of orders in the most popular items . The Quick View users can quickly see if there’s something they want and add it to their cart. A Quick View option will appear next to each product, and it will offer a new description, photo, and  price. This option does not allow for purchase or checkout. The only way to complete the purchase by going back to the original product page. pop up model front end

A Quick View helps customers quickly find out they are looking for ecommerce website. It also gives them a sneak peek at product pricing.The Quick View is a great tool for sellers. It is a section on the woocommerce dashboard that allows shoppers to browse products without having to search for your website. One of the most important aspects of an e-commerce experience is providing a seamless shopping experience. the quick view plugin can reduce the customer dropout rates and as well as improve engagement  the website after  login. A Quick View can be found under the “Products” tab of the Woocommerce dashboard. It displays all the products from a particular category or from a particular store. This can be extremely helpful for ecommerce websites

How to Use the Quick View plugin Effectively

The Quick View plugin for Woocommerce is a currently  free plugin that allows the user to add a quick view or popup view  of products on their website. This can help users get a quick idea about what the product is without going through the checkout process. The Quick View plugin can be used for a specific products to your visitors. It allows to customize the layout and content for each product. Quick view settings

  • Add Button in the product loop to open a quickview.
  • Open quick view in different type of styles
  • Customize quick view easily.
  • Customizable quickview trigger to open a quickview.
  • Option to edit labels of the triggers.
  • WPML string translations support

Quick view is a good plugin for Woocommerce. it is  allows to create pop-up view of the product.


Quick View For Woocommerce plugin helps to view a summary of a woocommerce product without forwarding to detail page in a popup or in a cascading window.

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