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Removing the About:Blank start page from the browser

About:Blank is a hijacking virus that hacks the browser and changes its settings, making its search engine the start page. Any browser can be infected: chrome, mozilla, opera. On subsequent use of this search engine, the virus redirects the user to malicious sites with advertising content. If you don’t want to endanger the system, you should definitely know how to remove about:blank.

System Restore

The easiest way to get rid of About:Blank page is to restore the system to a checkpoint, when this application has not yet infiltrated the system. Similarly, you can remove the url mal virus and other malicious applications.

However, this method has disadvantages:

  • All programs that you installed after creating the restore point will be deleted.
  • You need to know approximately when the virus entered the computer so as not to roll back the system too far.

If you are not afraid of such shortcomings, you can proceed to restore the system. In windows 7, this is done using the function of the same name, which is easy to find through the Start menu.

In windows 8, the process of rolling back to a checkpoint is no different. You can open the System Restore Wizard using the Recovery section in the Control Panel.

Click “Next” and then select a restore point with a date when About:Blank has not yet appeared in the browser.

Click “Next” again, and then confirm your decision by clicking “Finish”. If you are warned that you cannot abort the restore process after it has started, click Yes to continue.

After the reboot, a message should appear on the screen confirming the successful completion of the procedure. If About:Blank continues to appear when you launch your browser, try rolling back your system to an even earlier state, if possible.

Manual removal

If a system rollback does not help, or you cannot perform it for any reason, you will have to remove the virus from the windows registry. To open it, press Win+R and type “regedit”. On the left you will see the navigation menu.

Here you need to sequentially go to the following address: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → SOFTWARE → Microsoft → windows NT → CurrentVersion → windows (Win 8). Look for an entry named “Applnit_DLLs” in the list. Right click on it and select “Edit”.

Write down the address of the file or copy it into a text document. You will need it soon to remove the virus. Click OK and then close the registry and restart your computer.


At startup, press F8 to start the system in safe mode. After downloading, open “My Computer” and copy the saved path to the virus file into the address bar. Press “Enter”.

A file with the .dll extension will appear in the window, which must be removed from the system. Send it to the trash and then empty it.

The About:Blank virus has been destroyed! In this way, you can remove baidu from your computer, but you need to know which registry entry refers to a particular virus, otherwise there is a risk of erasing important system information, which will lead to incorrect windows operation.

If you are faced with the need to remove goinf ru, then you should know about the existence of a useful SpyHunter utility. With its help, you can quickly and thoroughly clean your computer from various virus and adware applications.

Use SpyHunter if you are unsure of your readiness to work with registry entries. In this case, you will get rid of the virus and protect yourself from possible system errors.

About:blank how to remove easily? Removing about:blank: step by step instructions

A fairly common and annoying about:blank virus haunts many PC users. Finding out that your computer is infected is quite simple – all you need to do is enter an Internet browser and see that your start page is now there – “blank form”. The virus brings a lot of inconvenience with its presence.

Why is about:blank dangerous?

You might think that a virus cannot do anything supernatural – it costs itself in the browser and costs. It would seem that just the start page is now simply a “blank form”, but in reality everything is somewhat different.

About:blank is also a so-called browser hijacker. It can cause great harm to the computer as it attacks the security system. Thus, the windows recovery system may fail to work. In addition, about:blank is also a Trojan. Is it worth mentioning what such viruses do with a computer and data? It is easy to catch them, but it is very, very difficult to rid yourself of attacks and consequences.

The action of infection is trite – about:blank copies its files to the hard drive of the infected computer, after which it prescribes the autoload of this virus in the registry. You can distinguish it by the autorun file called svhost.exe. With all this, as already mentioned, during the launch of the browser, a new tab about:blank appears. Since the virus is registered in autorun, changing the address of the start page will not help. That’s why it’s important to know how to get rid of about:blank.

Removal Methods

Where is the “blank form” written? It affects about:blank “Yandex”, “Google”, “Amigo” and other browsers. You can remove it in several ways. How effective they will be depends only on how well you understand computers and programs.

To begin with, consider the most common method – removal using specialized utilities. They are very likely to be able to both remove about:blank and clean the system of other “sticky” programs.

Now we will look at several useful utilities that are quite easy to use.


This is the development of the American company EnigmaSoftware. It is able to solve the problem and get rid of the about:blank virus. You will learn how to remove the pest automatically if you use this utility. It works on all windows systems. The kit includes anti-virus protection. In addition, SpyHunter4 protects files and settings from malicious codes, fixes various browser issues, removes malicious registry entries and all files created by about:blank. The program is easy to use. You just need to run it, then click the “Scan” button and wait for the scan to finish. After that, information about the found malicious files and the operations performed with them will be released.

Security Stronghold

This is a handy utility, using which you will no longer nervously ask your friends: “About:blank appeared, how to remove it?” It should be used when you are not quite sure whether to delete certain infected files. Conventional software is unable to detect all Trojans and other malicious files that infect your computer. Security Stronghold will solve this problem. Like SpyHunter4, the program searches and removes all registry files and regular files created by about:blank, but gives you the freedom to choose what to touch and what not. This is a fairly fast and lightweight utility. By analogy with many programs, you just need to run a scan, and then choose which files and what to do with. After that, the computer will be cleaned of annoying Trojans.

Manual removal

If the computer was attacked by about:blank, how do I remove it manually? This is quite an adequate question for those who do not trust a variety of programs. Of course, if you have already somehow caught a virus when downloading software, then it is logical that you do not want to step on the same rake again and ruin the life of your computer in the end. How to get rid of about:blank yourself and manually without using software? This is quite simple to do, but there are several options. Now we will consider the most common, albeit longer, method.

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Method 1: Processes and Settings

This method of removing about:blank is quite convenient and simple, but requires vigilance. This is due to the fact that you will have to terminate so many system processes. Any mistake can lead to data loss and ineffective “treatment”.

1. End processes and close agent-ac.dll, svhost.exe, phafxfa.exe, xea2108l.9zt, cbme.dll, wdm.dll, achpjba.dll, message files.

Note: You can find the dll files in the folder: С/windows/system32.

2. Reset the browser settings in which about:blank appeared (“Yandex”, “Google Chrome”, “Mozilla” or any other). Different browsers have different virus removal algorithms. Do not try to reinstall them – it still will not get rid of the problem.

Internet Explorer

Go to the command search (in windows XP, the path is “Start” / “Open”, in windows 7 and others – “Start” / “Search”) and find inetcpl.cpl. After that, select the “Advanced” tab, find the line “Reset browser settings” and double-click on it. Next, delete your personal history settings and wait for the process to complete.

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Google Chrome

Navigate to: C:\Users\”username”\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\UserData (browser installation folder). Find the Default file there and rename it to DefaultBackup. Launch Google Chrome – the settings will be reset.

Mozilla Firefox

In the “Help” menu section, select “Troubleshooting Information” and then “Reset Firefox”. Wait for the process to finish and click Finish.

Method 2: System Restore

Sometimes clearing the browser doesn’t help. Then you need to restore the system. This can also help if about:blank occurs. Now we will see how to roll back the system.

1. Open the Start menu.

2. Find “Utilities” there.

3. Select System Restore. It is important that the computer creates restore points during operation, which will help you roll back the system to the moment when the PC was working properly. When choosing a date, you need to choose the one that was before the about:blank infection. Click “Next” and follow the instructions.

4. Wait for completion. The computer will restart. After recovery, the virus should not appear.


Now you know what about:blank is. How to remove it, we also told. Most importantly, take care of some points in advance:

– create windows restore points periodically;

– save all important files and data;

– check your computer for viruses from time to time;

– store data in the cloud under passwords;

– Do not download suspicious software to your computer.

Following an easy step-by-step guide and using our tips, you can provide your computer with a long and high-quality life, your files will remain safe and sound, and the new about:blank tab will stop looming before your eyes.

If none of the described methods help (which happens in extremely advanced cases), you must resort to the last resort: reinstalling the system. You can do it yourself or take the computer to specialists. Remember that the safety of your PC and the safety of files on your hard drive is only in your hands. Timely solve the problems that have arisen so as not to see the deplorable result.

Happy decisions!

About Blank Removal

About Blank is classified as a browser hijacker that affects all your favorite web browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. If a terrorist has reached your computer, you will definitely know what black pages are after you whenever you try to open your Internet browser. This will be an annoying experience because you won’t be able to surf the web properly. Therefore, you should remove About Blank as soon as possible.

You can never trust any program that installs on your computer without your express permission. There are many ways your computer can get infected; Thus, you must be careful when surfing the Internet and especially when downloading new software. A terrorist does not deserve to be on your computer’s system and you should remove About Blank without guilt. This is because About Blank does not ask for your explicit consent in order to get installed.

Cyber ​​criminals like to use bundled freeware in order to infect your computer system with unwanted programs that are usually specifically designed to promote advertisements. As such, you should never trust a download bundle or any other suspicious links, such as spam email attachments or social engineering scams. You should also be aware that programs like About Blank are often not the only ones that reach your computer. Thus, you should definitely get rid of all of them. Talk About Blank removal is only used for the best security of your computer.

What’s more, About Blank and other unwanted programs that have entered your computer without explicit permission, may be spying on you. They may implement your computer with tracking cookies and browser helper objects to help you follow your browsing habits. In addition, the terrorist may also share your personal data with third parties. If this happens, your computer will be filled with personalized ads, which can definitely lead to even worse websites. Even one click on such pop-up or banner is enough for your computer to be at high risk. Thus, there is no reason why you should wait any longer, you need to remove About Blank immediately.

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