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SEO Consultant Suggests Mastering These Trends In 2022

If it’s about SEO, there’s only one that’s certain and constant – change. Indeed, matters concerning search engine optimization keep changing with almost every passing day. Back in 2020, Google rolled out almost a dozen algorithm updates. Naturally, you can expect the internet giant to do the same thing in 2021. So, what does it tell you about this digital marketing strategy? It simply informs you that Google will continue to refine and fix its algorithm to include new technologies and user behaviors. It also lets you understand why and how Google dominates the search engine industry with a current market share of over 90%. The Best SEO Consultant does its work by adhering to the following trends. In fact, they believe that knowing about these trends isn’t enough. You have to master them.


  1. User experience: User experience or UX will be much more important in 2021 than ever. In terms of SEO, it dictates how a user or custom will go through your business website. Google has the means to measure the UX of a website. If it doesn’t notice anything worthwhile on your site, it won’t allow you to acquire the top spots. Therefore, you should do what you can to enhance UX. For that purpose, you should increase the loading speed of your site, make it mobile-friendly, test all buttons and links to see if they’re working or not, and leverage heat maps and analytics to delve deep into user behaviors.


  1. Backlinks: You’re probably aware of the importance of high-quality backlinks. Rest assured, they will be relevant this year. When everything else appears to be equal, Google will judge two websites based on the results it arrives at after evaluating backlinks. Based on studies conducted in the past, backlinks used to be the most significant factor of high rankings. They won’t lose their value in 2021 and for years to come.


  1. EAT: It’s the abbreviated term for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Google attempts to provide users with accurate information compiled by experts, and it’s precisely where EAT comes into play. There’s an easy way to optimize your site for EAT. You only need to find a credible author with expertise in the topics you’ll be posting on your site. Once you find such an author, request him/her to prepare well-researched and in-depth content pieces for your online platform.


  1. Mobile searching: Google introduced its mobile-first-indexing system back in September 2020. Sometime before that, researchers handed over the title of “king” to mobile devices citing the fact that they will keep the throne occupied for a long time. The mobile sphere kept on growing in 2020 with a market share of 55% worldwide. You can surely guess that mobile devices will continue to gain popularity and soak up even more of the market share in 2021. Mobile devices are now following two distinctive trends of search engine optimization this year and both are mission-critical.


  1. Coding fundamentals: Many professional search engine optimization specialists have no formal training in coding. You don’t have to become a successful programmer, either. Most of the content management systems available today have inbuilt basic SEO functionalities. You can simply follow step-by-step instructions you’ll find on the internet if you need to change something in the backend of your website. Nevertheless, knowing a thing or about the fundamentals of coding will work in your favor. It will allow you to get a sneak peek at the source code of almost every website and identify the most important features relevant to your campaign.


  1. Communication: No one should ever underestimate the importance of communication in an SEO environment. You must communicate proactively with the members of your team to ensure they’re carrying out your directives to the letter. While it won’t be necessary for entrepreneurs who have to do almost everything by themselves, you still need inputs from the people working with you. An outside eye can come in handy. Besides, you have to explain complex matters to your client. If one or more employees of your company come forward to help you with your business’s SEO-related tasks, everyone can take turns to explain their point of view and the intricacies associated with search engine optimization to every client.
  2. Voice search

The last trend worth mentioning concerns voice search. You may hate it whenever someone says that dreaded phrase out loud, “Okay Google” and so on! However, if you choose to hire the Top PPC Consultant Agency for your business, make sure that they optimize your site for voice search.

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You should comprehensively study companies specializing in digital marketing tactics. Examine their pricing structure before signing a contract. Always trust those reputed NYC SEO agency which will provide results in quick span of time. Most agencies have access to a broad range of tools for the analysis of traffic and the generation of reports. The element of transparency should exist. If there is a lack of transparency, that is an indicator of something inappropriate.



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