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Signs You Need a Plumber

Just like dealing with pests, facing plumbing problems is downright inevitable if you are a homeowner. Sadly, it is never a pleasant experience as it can affect not only your time and energy but also your budget.

Indeed, it is a fundamental obligation of homeowners to have proper plumbing maintenance. We, homeowners, need to pay extra attention to the plumbing condition inside our households in order to forgo those stressful plumbing emergencies.

However, certain plumbing disasters are better left in the hands of experts. While we can definitely apply DIY solutions to some trivial plumbing problems on minor leaks and clogs. Sometimes we really have to call in a plumbing professional to address serious issues in our plumbing system. This is also to prevent further damage to the rest of our property.

Indicators of Calling a Plumber

A professional plumber is the right person to turn to when it comes to your major plumbing problems. We opt to call the experts when those DIY methods can no longer solve the issues. Real plumbers possess the necessary tools and expertise in spotting sources and causes of a plumbing problem. Whether it is easy or difficult they find ways.

Thus, as a homeowner, you need to be able to detect the indications that it is already high time you ask the help of the pros. Allow them to inspect and be in charge of your home’s plumbing system. Here are some of the plumbing red flags that you have to watch out for when you call a plumber.


  •  You can smell sewer odors from your drains.

One telltale sign that your plumbing needs checking is having a foul odor emanating from your drains. If you can sense sewage odors coming from your downpipes and drains be warry on those. These signs may mean there is something wrong with your sewer lines, pipes, and/or vents. You have to call in a professional plumber to determine the cause of the stench and conduct a thorough sewer line inspection. The wise thing to do is to contact a well-reputed plumbing company in your area so a certified plumber will visit on the way as soon as possible.

man in the shower

  •  You have total water loss at home.

Having no water in your entire household is one of the worst things that can happen as a result of a defective plumbing system. Imagine having not one single drop of water coming out of your taps. If this is what you encounter at home, you definitely need to call a plumbing expert. First, you can also first verify with your neighbors if they are also having water loss. If the rest of your neighborhood’s water supply is okay except yours, then you have underlying plumbing problems at hand that need immediate action. The water loss could be due to sewer backups, frozen or burst pipes, and problems with your water mainline. A skilled and trusted plumber is who you need in this case.

low water pressure

  •  Your water pressure is low.

It is annoying with having low water pressure while you are in the middle of taking a shower? When doing laundry and dishes and the water is running slow. Reduced water pressure is a major indicator that something is amiss about your plumbing. Check every pipes connection in your vicinity, old pipes, seals, or clogs that may result in low water pressure. It can occur as a result of interrelated issues like sewer blocks, clogged drains, mainline leaks, and/or broken pipes. Some basic troubleshooting techniques such as removing build-ups and obstructions from your plumbing fixtures may be done and may work. Nevertheless, if the low water pressure continues, it is time to best consider getting the assistance of a plumber.

pipe leaks

  • You experience constant leaks and clogs.

Leak detection can be quite a challenging task especially if the leaks originate from underground and from inaccessible locations. Such a job can perform with accuracy and meticulousness only by a plumbing specialist. Although some clogs and leaks can be temporarily resolved using DIY methods. These common problems may keep repeating over and over again. If your taps are constantly overflowing or dripping, your drain pipes are probably clogged sooner or later. This kind of problem can affect other parts of your plumbing system if you don’t act faster. A plumbing professional has the necessary know-how and equipment so such issues in order to addressed immediately.

In every home, our plumbing system needs proper safekeeping and maintenance. If we don’t take proper care, we have to suffer from major disasters and irreparable damage to the plumbing system. Then again, certain plumbing problems are in need of assistance by plumbing experts. Thus, always consult a plumbing professional when it comes to your plumbing maintenance. Be always mindful of the red flags enumerated above so you can protect your home and your plumbing from further catastrophe.

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