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Snapchat – 10 very practical functions to discover.

With more than 200 million users worldwide in 2022, the Snapchat app now ranks second among the best mobile messaging apps. Beyond the chat, the filters, the creation and the diffusion of the classically known stories, this application offers functionalities often little known to the general public.

If you are one of the millions of users who “snap” daily, know that there are advanced features that you can use to your advantage. In this article, we have collected ten that will certainly interest you.

Create a custom geofilter or cheat with a filter

In addition to the ordinary filters applied to photos (ears, dog muzzle, etc.), working flow of snapchat offers the possibility of using geolocation filters or geofilters when you take photos or videos in certain places. These geofilters are personal (to promote a personal event such as a party, a wedding) or professional (promotion of a brand or company).

These geolocation filters can be created as users wish. To do this, you must first load an image with a transparent background . You must then choose the geographical location to be highlighted with a date and a time . Along with payment, to the Snapchat team who will process your request within one business day. You will therefore have a geofilter according to your needs.

This functionality, because of its cost, sometimes seems reserved for companies. Ordering a geofilter for an individual may not be common or obvious. If this is your case, don’t worry! A possibility is offered to you on Snapchat: simulate a geofilter!

You can therefore make Snapchat believe that you are on the other side of the world by downloading an application from Playstore that can trick the GPS . Once the GPS has been tricked, the new version of Snapchat will provide you with specific filters! Eh yes ! It may seem a little irregular, but hey… you will succeed in impressing your friends who will believe you are on the other side of the world!

Add music or mute videos

As on other competing Android applications such Tik Tok, the sound plays an important role in the interest that can arouse a video made on Snapchat. Want to give your snapchat public profile videos an authentic touch? It’s simple !

Start by launching the chosen song in your music player application (iTunes, Spotify…) then start recording your video in Snapchat with the song in the background. Snapchat will capture this song and automatically embed it in your video.

On the other hand, you may prefer for personal convenience, not to have sound in your videos. You can choose this option when recording your video in a setting where the background noise is unpleasant or unnecessary. In this case, it is possible to mute the sound of videos on Snapchat.

Indeed, unlike Twitter for example where the sound is disabled by default in the video settings, the sound is enabled by default in the videos of the Snapchat application. To turn it off, start recording your video on Snapchat as you normally do. Then tap the mic icon in the lower left corner of your screen until the speaker icon waves change to an X. Your video will have no sound.

Save a story as a clip while downloading it

Thanks to Snapchat updates, it is now possible to save stories by downloading them to your smartphone to review them later offline. This is an effective feature when working on a company’s Snapchat content for example, as it helps to analyze which videos work.

For story recording, access the stories view of your Snapchat app by swiping right to left from the default camera view. Once the story appears on the screen, tap on the three dots present in the upper right corner of the screen. The “Download” button appears on the left. Tapping this button downloads the story to your device as a clip.

Attach an emoji to a moving target

Snapchat offers its users a novelty: the possibility of setting a emoji on a moving target. Whether it’s your head or an object, it’s possible on this app. The procedure is relatively simple: start by recording the video focusing on the moving object or head and then press the folded paper icon located at the top of the screen, left side of the T icon.

Once the emojis are offered to you, scroll down, select the one you want, and resize it to your liking . Place your finger on the emoji, hold it, and move it over the moving object or face for a few seconds. Thus placed, your emoji will follow the movement that the target will make. The customization is impeccable!

Make a video or audio call

This is one of the features that until now were little known by many Snapchat users. For some years there has been a call functionality on this mobile application, which is in the chat and can only be activated when the user has engaged in an ordinary conversation with a correspondent.

If you want to make a video or audio call on Snapchat, tap on the phone or camera icon during the conversation and your correspondent is called immediately. There is therefore no process to formally confirm the launch of the call.

If it’s a voice call, you can switch to a video call by simply tapping the camera icon to video chat with your correspondent. Convenient isn’t it? Conversely, in the case of a video call, you can also simply touch the audio call icon to switch to a simple voice conversation.

If your correspondent is absent at the time of your call, you always have the possibility of leaving him an audio message as is done with other applications. To do this, press and hold the phone icon and the recording begins . Once you let go of the icon, the recording stops and is immediately sent to the recipient and you can no longer edit it.

So watch out for bugs in your conversations! Always be ready before you start recording any audio or video you want to send.

Record a video without using the capture button

Recording a video without having to hold down the capture key is possible for iPhone users! This is a feature that finally simplifies the production of your videos. The process is relatively simple.

Go to “settings”, select “general  ” then go to “accessibility”. You will find an “Assistant Touch  ” function which is under interaction with a small icon on the right of your screen. Tap on “create new gesture”, hold your finger on your device screen and let the blue bar fill up . Press “stop”, save and name this new gesture and you’re done!

This feature only allows recording 8-second videos unlike normal 10-second videos.

Limit battery and data consumption

Several regular Snapchat users complain about it very often: the application consumes a lot of battery and has a tendency to overconsume your data. Know that it is possible to avoid this unpleasant situation, because your mobile application includes a feature: the saver mode.

Go to “settings” and open Snapchat. Tap the ghost icon that shows up in the middle and top of your screen. Then tap on the gear icon that appears at the top right corner of your screen.

When this mode is activated, you choose which snaps and different stories you want to download to your device. Automatic downloads are disabled. In addition, this mode considerably reduces slow motion when recording videos .

Add a link to promote your account

Beyond its many advantages, Snapchat also allows you to associate a link with your account. This allows each user to promote their Snap account via their website or on social networks via their smartphone. The procedure is very simple!

Take your snap and simply click on the paper clip icon on the right side of your device screen. Then add your link using one or other of the following methods: copy and paste the by replacing MMM with your username or type your link directly.

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Adjust emojis and stickers on photos

Did you know that on Snapchat you can embellish your photos and videos with something other than text? Eh yes ! With emojis and stickers according to your mood, you can make your snaps more dynamic. Indeed, Snapchat has added popular emojis and stickers just like other messaging apps. So you can simply add, crop or rotate them on your photos.

To do this, start by taking a photo on Snapchat. Then tap on the folded paper icon present at the top of your screen. After scrolling through all the emojis and stickers, pick the one(s) you like , because you can choose as many as you want. Tap above this sticker or emoji to add it to your photo and then move it around with your fingers.

You can rotate or change the size by spreading or pinching with your two fingers. If you don’t like the emoji or sticker after that, don’t worry! Just drag it to the trash and then start your creative Snapchat experience all over again.

You can also get rid of annoying elements (a poster in the background, a passerby behind your photo) on your various snaps using a new Snapchat feature: Magic Eraser! How it works ?

After taking your snap, go to the scissors icon. Go to the multi-star button and trace the outline of the element you want to disappear and then it will be removed as if by magic!

Overlay filters

On Snapchat, it is possible to use several filters at the same time on the same photo. It’s a fairly simple manipulation.

Start by taking your image as you normally do. Then swipe it to the side to find the filter that interests you. Hold your finger on it and keep swyping to choose a second one.

Once this second filter is selected, lift your thumb slightly before holding it on your screen again. This will allow you to swipe the screen to the left in order to choose a third filter. And if it happens that this combination does not suit you, you will simply have to swipe the screen to the right to remove these three filters.

You can now add an additional filter (time display), a graphic filter (transition of the image to black and white) on the starting image. This functionality allows in certain circumstances to improve the rendering of your image and to convey a particular message to your recipient.

In summary

Here are the ten tips and features that allow you to use Snapchat in an optimal way to better stay in touch with your subscribers, your acquaintances and even your customers, in a very personal and original way. So don’t be passive Snapchat users anymore, but become active users!

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