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Steps On How To Get Medical Marijuana In Washington

Suffering from illness or disease is normal as no one is immune from it. It cannot be said that only adults suffer from disease as even some children are victims of a wide variety of diseases. What matters is how you cope with your illness. By proving a qualifying condition or meeting the other eligibility criteria, the patients can easily become medical marijuana cardholders. The criteria vary from one state to a varied one, so be mindful of this. Let us discern- How to get Medical Marijuana in Washington State.

Medications are plenty if you look to treat your disease with the medications. But apart from the medications, you have another alternative available with you in the form of medical marijuana. 

How to Claim Medical Marijuana in Washington State? 

Before you head over with your marijuana application, it is imperative to figure out whether you fit into its eligibility criteria or not. The legal residents of Washington aged 18 above only can apply for the medical marijuana card in Washington state. Other than this, you also need to suffer from one medical condition meant to be treated by marijuana. 

For the process to acquire the medical marijuana card, the state usually accepts the following forms of proof from you: 

  • Identity proof
  • Residence proof 
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport 
  • Bank statement

Let us outline the steps mentioned below to determine- How to get Medical Marijuana in Washington State.

Look for a clinician

Where other states allow you to proceed further with only medical marijuana physicians, there is no such thing prevalent in Washington. Unlike other states, Washington gives you various options for marijuana evaluation. Moreover, you can opt from the list of doctors given to you at the state’s official site and begin with your treatment. 

During the consultation, the physician will first sneak peek into your medical records from the past to understand your overall health. Upon seeing your medical history, if he finds that you’ll be the right fit for the medical marijuana card, then he’ll recommend you medical marijuana. 

For Reviewing you inside and out, the clinician can also ask you several questions based on your health and then decide what’s best for you. 

Know qualifying conditions 

The qualifying conditions are not the same in all the states and differ greatly. Likewise, suffering from qualifying conditions in other states is a must for patients heading over to apply for the medical marijuana card. Let us have a look at Washington’s list of qualifying conditions. 

  1. Multiple sclerosis 
  2. Muscle spasms 
  3. Cancer 
  4. Epilepsy
  5. Glaucoma 
  6. Seizures 
  7. Cachexia 
  8. Crohn’s disease
  9. Chronic pain 
  10. Hepatitis C
  11. Anorexia 
  12. PTSD
  13. Brain injury

The chances of you securing a medical marijuana card increase gradually if you undergo the above-mentioned conditions. 

Create an account 

Once you have figured out whether your disease figures are in Washington’s list of qualifying conditions, the next thing you are required to do is create an account on the state’s official site. 

Additionally, the state may ask you to submit your ID proofs to ensure your identity to come up with your account and get yourself registered on the site. Finally, you probably need to submit a driver’s license, residency proof, and others. 

Submit your application 

As the process has gone online, you need to fill the online form for the medical marijuana card. While doing so, ensure that all the information submitted by you is accurate and complete as the state rejects the incomplete applications. Only click on the submit icon after going through your application twice. 

Wait for the card 

Consequently, the waiting period is not that long as you get to know the status of your marijuana application within 15 days or near about. Also, if your application gets approved, you can head over to the marijuana dispensary of your state to get your products. 

Visit the dispensary 

Visiting the licensed and certified dispensary of your state is your next step. There, they will introduce a wide range of medical cannabis products such as legumes, lotions, tinctures, oils, and many more to go. You can select the one product that suits your taste buds. And only consume the marijuana in allocated portions only, not more of it. 

Medical marijuana card costs 

The clinician you appoint for medical marijuana will usually charge somewhere between $50-$150. The state only charges minimally from the patients. 


By learning- How to get medical marijuana in Washington State, you must be feeling full of confidence and ready, begin with the same. Medical marijuana will heal you from a particular disease and improve your overall health. Consequently, getting a medical marijuana card becomes all the easier for you when you have the right physician beside you. 

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