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The Best Red Dot Sights for the Vortex Venom

Vortex’s Venom red dot sights have gained huge popularity over the past few years, and it’s easy to see why. These sights are incredibly versatile, making them great options for both pistol and rifle users alike. With so many factors to consider when buying a sight, though, it can be difficult to narrow down your choice of Vortex Venom red dot sights. Here’s how to choose the best red dot sight for your particular needs and preferences. You might also want to check out our review of the best rifle scopes out there here at Gunivore!


The best red dot sights for your rifle is essential if you want to be able to see your target clearly and quickly when out hunting. If you haven’t noticed yet, there are quite a few different models on the market and they come in a range of shapes, sizes, styles and prices. They all have a different reticle (usually cross hairs), magnification (some are fixed) and even color! These details can make it very confusing to choose one that is right for you so we’ve picked out some of our favorites.

How to Choose the Right Sight

Whether you’re looking to shoot targets, hunt game or defend your home, a red dot sight will help you do it more accurately. These sights are among the most popular upgrades made to firearms, thanks to their simplicity and reliability. But there are countless brands on store shelves and many different features that can confuse even long-time gun owners. If you want to make sure your choice of sights is smart and safe, take these things into consideration before making your decision

Why Trust Us?

Here at OpticsPlanet, we’re committed to providing our customers with comprehensive and unbiased information about every product we carry. That’s why we have a team of experts dedicated to reviewing and recommending hunting optics, red dot sights, scopes, binoculars and other important hunting gear. We test each piece of equipment so that you don’t have to; all you need to do is decide what suits your needs best. Whether you’re hunting whitetail deer or coyotes, pheasants or prairie dogs, elk or moose – any other game animal in North America – there’s a high-quality optic from us that will fit your budget and meet your needs.

Overall Quality

The Trijicon MRO is an impressive sight that offers a wide field of view, rapid target acquisition, and almost unlimited eye relief. These benefits also come with one downside—it can be tough to see your front sight against certain backgrounds. That’s where backup iron sights (BUIS) come in. The days of cheap BUIS are over, but there are a few options that offer enhanced features such as more effective aiming and improved durability. One of these is vortex venom evo 2 pistol scope made by Diamondhead USA company located in Ohio city in US. Diamondhead has always been dedicated to producing high-quality optics at reasonable prices, and its no different with their Venom red dot sight series.

Additional Features

Clear Reticle – The EyePoint red dot sight gives you a clean, clear view of your target. This will make it easier to hit your target and keep your shots consistent. Waterproof Construction – The case is waterproof so you can take it out in wet conditions and still have a chance at hitting your intended target. Multi-Coated Optics – The lenses on these red dot sights are coated to reduce glare and keep them from fogging up during use. This gives you a clear line of sight without having to worry about changing the settings on your device or anything like that while you’re out hunting or firing off rounds at an outdoor range.

Durability and Water Resistance

The Vortex Venom is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which has been anodized and then coated with a scratch-resistant layer. The unit is waterproof and fog proof, so it will work well in harsh conditions. The glass window on top of the unit can be removed to replace or clean it (which you’ll want to do often), and it’s shockproof as well, so you don’t have to worry about dropping it. While other models are more resistant to shocks and drops, few are as durable as those in your high-quality scope.

Battery Life

One of my favorite features of the Vortex Venom is that it can be used with or without a battery. I always opt to go cordless, but if you’re in situations where you don’t want to drain your batteries then you don’t have to—it’s your choice. You will notice a slight difference in brightness, as well as slight dimming after around four hours, but it will still serve its purpose perfectly. Overall battery life is definitely not an issue with this particular sight.

Perfect For Any Firearm

When looking to purchase a red dot sight, one of your first questions should be whether or not it is compatible with your firearm. Firearm compatibility is important, as it will determine if you can use and fire your gun with an optic attached. If a red dot sight is not firearm-compatible, there are numerous other sights that are; you just have to know what to look for. When shopping around, check out reviews from customers who have purchased a similar product and make sure it’s compatible with your specific weapon before buying.

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