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The Secret To Writing Sellable Product Descriptions

Make the difficult simple. (product features)

Do you sell complicated things that a layperson could find difficult to comprehend? Find a way to make your product description more concise.(product features)

Instead of emphasizing the importance of a 128GB memory card for cameras, ankara bayan escort say something like, “Never run out of space while on vacation.” With a Brand X memory card, you can capture every moment.”

Your items’ goal is to improve the buyer’s quality of life in some way, whether they have a specified function, such as a chainsaw, or a personal purpose, such as clothing or jewelry. Readers are more inclined to buy if you write simply so they can see themselves using and appreciating your goods.

Clearly state the main advantages.(product features)

Your ability to convey the benefits to the reader is critical to the success of your product pages. Find a strategy to promote a benefit that your competitors haven’t taken advantage of if you’re in a crowded market.

Check out how the copywriter uses words like “Provides plentiful energy” and “Promotes fat burning and weight loss” to highlight benefits in the tea’s bullet points below. That is exactly what I require!

Are you unsure about the advantages of your product? Here’s a fast trick to help you figure it out. Look for sales copy gold in user reviews of the product or competitor products. What are the specific advantages that people mention while discussing similar products? They’ll tell you exactly what they’re passionate about. Use these points to persuade potential customers that your solution provides measurable value and solves a problem.

Including Storytelling(product features)

Selling a product in a crowded market? Does it appear that the other dealers have already mentioned all of the obvious advantages? In your product copy, tell a story about the brand.

1.What was the product’s inspiration?

2.What is its background?

3.What gave it its name?

4.How did it come to be?

5.What materials or components did they employ specifically?

6.What are examples of the product’s user experiences?

If you’ve ever seen the show American Pickers, you know Mike and Frank don’t just go through someone’s attic and buy anything they see. They’re on the lookout for things with a compelling narrative because they know that tales sell.

Tell a great (but true) story that will engage and connect with your audience’s emotions. When a story is personalized and relatable, people buy into it. It’s a unique take on the generic content that everyone else has written, and it works to endear you to your audience. Your tale will win shoppers’ hearts, even if they’ve seen the advantages lists on your competitors’ websites.

Utilize Social Proof

Consumers have faith in one another. They frequently consult reviews and social media to find out what others have to say about a product. Your target audience will be more likely to believe your statements if you can use social proof.

Use quotes from product reviews or customer feedback. They provide a buyer’s perspective to a potential consumer.

Even better, if you can include the customer’s photo and name to give the review more legitimacy.

Make it Simple to Understand

People are busy, and they are inundated with reading material. As a result, individuals frequently skim for information in order to comprehend a product and make a buying decision.

Make it simple for buyers to connect with your material as a product description writer.

For easy scanning, use bullet points. It assures that “simply passing through” readers receive your message.

Keyword optimization

The purpose is to sell, not only create product descriptions. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. If you optimize your descriptions using keywords that your target audience is likely to use when searching for a product or service similar to yours, Google is more likely to show your website in its search results.

Remember to use LSI keywords, which are words and phrases that have a high degree of association to your target keyword or subject. If your keyword is flowers, for example, your LSI words can include floral arrangement, bouquet, florist, roses, greenery, and so on.

Long-tail keywords, or keyword phrases with three to four words that are extremely unique to what you’re offering, perform higher on search engines. Using the flower as an example, your long-tail keywords may be: rose floral arrangements, bridal bouquets for fall weddings, or florists in Miami, Florida.

Your product text will be more likely to appear in organic (rather than paid/sponsored) search results, resulting in more quality visitors to your website.


Your product description can make or break a product’s success. It will attract buyers and enhance conversions if done correctly (sales).

If you’re writing your own copy, seek inspiration from other product descriptions, discover the benefits your product offers, describe your product’s story, and optimize your product copy for keywords.

Consider hiring an experienced product description or e-commerce copywriter if producing good product descriptions is tough for you or not the best use of your time.

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