These Mobile Zombie Games Are Crawling Your Way in 2022

We all know what a horror game feels like and when that game takes an action-packed turn with a zombie game, we know we are going to spend some more time with our Smartphone.

In these recent years, Smartphone games have reached such a wonderful position where people are streaming their games or are using them to create fantastic content.

The good news is they are earning through it a lot. Even if you are not into that community, curling up in your couch or bed with your phone in hand for an hour of good zombie gaming is the retreat you so badly seek. In a tough world like this, you deserve this kind of entertainment once in a while.

With so many zombie games to choose from, it is time you read about a few of them that are probably going to crawl their way to you this year.

  • What Zombie Games Can Be Worth Your Time in 2022

When you play zombie games, you can know that reality stops for a moment.

So, if you have the responsibility of taking out a short term loan for the unemployed for making your next game streaming setup; then get them done at proper pace. Your gaming time is about to start.

To have the most out of that time, you can help yourself with these games written below:

  • State of Survival: Zombie War
  • Death Road to Canada
  • Plants vs. Zombies 2
  • The Walking Dead (Game Series)
  • Last Day on Earth: Survival
  • Infectioner 3: Apocalypse
  • Dead Target 2
  • Dead Trigger 2
  • Unkilled

Well, it is time to know about these games in detail.

  1. State of Survival: Zombie War

Just like a generic zombie game, this game is a masterpiece depicting the apocalyptic world of zombies to an extent you will love.

Similar to the common storyline, you will get a zombie infection that turned almost all of the people into flesh-eating monsters. It is your job to survive in this world and help others do so by killing the zombies.

This game is a game for patient players who also like action gaming. You need to form strategies in this game and use them to fight zombies and survive. The multiplayer mode is interesting. The action takes an edge when you fight zombie hordes.

It is free to play.

  1. Death Road to Canada

This is a game for exceptional gamers with, of course, an offbeat taste.

The game we are talking about is a dungeon crawler game with a fantastic multiplayer experience. It has got some amazing characters and a really immersive environment all fans of zombie games look for.

Gamepplay relies on strategic planning and touch-decision making techniques used by the player.

With exciting locales and a good appearance on the mobile device, it might be the next game you need the most.

It is not a free game though.

  1. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Who doesn’t want this fun game? It is easy to play and is quite a game to pass the time, right?

Although being a lane defence game in the linear sense, it actually qualifies to the level of a survival game.

You need to survive in this game by defending yourself while constantly thinking about the food supply of the character in the game (or what gamers call your Avatar).

Developed by the game development giant Electronic Arts, this game is an easy game to learn and an entertaining one to keep you busy.

It is a free to play game.

  1. The Walking Dead (Game Series)

From Telltale, The Walking Dead can make a difference in the same level of zombie games because it is a game based on narratives.

The gameplay is full of action but it is your decisions based on the story that unlock those action sequences.

You get 5 episodes to play in this game. You can use it to make file transfers so that you don’t get a problem working with the next chapters.

The first chapter in the 5 is free. You need to pay for the rest.

  1. Last Day on Earth: Survival

It is counted as one of the most remarkable zombie games out there with unique features and a strong apocalyptic environment, which you so badly want to feel and explore.

In this game, you need to put your brain to use and make some more ideas about scavenging in order to survive.

This game has got over a 100 million downloads.

It is free to play.

  1. Infectioner 3: Apocalypse

Have you forgotten those arcade gaming mechanisms? You might have not. Or  if you are  new to that, then go talk to an older gamer or find some video of it.

This game offers you the 2D arcade style gameplay where you fight humans.


Yes, in this game you are a zombie and you will spread your virus, You can also upgrade it.

It is a free to play game.

  1. Dead Target 2

It is a game with the graphics you will love.

Dead Trigger 2 takes in serious storyline and makes for a great action gameplay. You get to play in a strategic way sometime and help yourself in defeating the enemies.

Boss fights in this game are quite surprising too.

It is free to play.

  1. Dead Trigger 2

Made by Madfinger games, Dead Trigger 2 and the next one you are about to read, are the gaming giants in the field of zombie games.

This game has amazing features such as a gripping tale as campaign. The sequences are good and you will thank the SPECTACULAR environment of the game reminding you from time to time that you are truly in an apocalyptic world full of zombies.

Tournaments are also held globally for this first person shooter (FPS) game.

It is a free to play game.

  1. Unkilled

Well, this giant inthe zombie gaming world is quite similar to the previous game you have just read about.

It is again a great game for an immersive experience it gives you. It is also good in terms of its campaigns. Both this game and Dead Trigger 2 are competitors of each other.

Unkilled is also a free to play game and it is a first-person shooter or FPS.

  • Last but Not the Least: Dead Effect 2

Being probably the best game in the field, it offers a gripping storyline and you will love playing it for its enhanced sci-fi environment.

Dead Effect 2 is probably the most immersive of all zombie games found on the mobile platform.

It’s free too!

Want to get a new gaming phone to play this game?

Is money the problem?

Well, you can always solve the issue by taking out a short term loan for the unemployed.

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