Tips for Building Your Own Treehouse

Treehouses provide a special spot in nature for you to relax and spend time. With these simple tips, you will be well prepared to build your own custom treehouse.

Get Your Tools

Gather basic materials needed to build your treehouse. You can use your own tool kit or purchase a treehouse building kit to get started with the right equipment. Make sure you are comfortable working with wood, a hammer, power tools, and nails. To build a strong treehouse that will last, help it withstand the weather and cold. Control temperatures during the cold seasons with additional insulation and weather stripping.

Design Your Treehouse

Create a platform that is easy to access. You can use a rope or a ladder, depending on how high off the ground your treehouse stands. If you install a door, be sure it opens into the treehouse and not out onto the platform for a safer entrance. Decide whether you want to use clear acrylic plastic to seal windows or keep them open. Think about everything you want in your finished treehouse. Start gathering furniture and other personal items you want to add once your treehouse is ready to use. Keep decorations light so the space is comfortable without being overcrowded.

Stay Safe

Wear the proper attire and safety equipment when you begin to build your treehouse. Protect yourself with safety goggles and a helmet along with heavy-duty boots, and gloves at all times. Wear a mask to avoid inhaling dust and dirt along with earmuffs to reduce loud noises from power tools. Keep a first aid kit nearby in case of a minor injury or emergency. If you’re not sure of how to build your structure, consider consulting with a contractor to discuss how to build your structure so it is sturdy and safe.

The best way to create the ultimate hang-out spot is by building your own treehouse.

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