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Tips For Buying Custom Eyelash Boxes

When choosing an eyelash boxes, you should know its size, material, color, and dimensions. Black is a classic luxury color that will never go out of style. However, you can choose other colors if you want to make your packaging stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision. After you know the features that you are looking for, you can proceed to choose the best box. We recommend buying a box with a black lid for its elegant appearance.


There are various dimensions for eyelash boxes. The most popular tray is the round one, with a diameter of about 6cm. The smallest one is about 5cm across, while the largest has a diameter of 6.5cm. Dimensions for Eyelash Boxes vary according to the type of packaging. You can choose between brown kraft paper or white SBS paperboard. You can also opt for metalized paperboard, which has a silver substrate.

Purchasing boxes in bulk may help you save money, but it’s also important to select sturdy ones. Eyelash boxes should be well-protected. The packaging must be well-sealed to avoid damage to eyelashes. A non-stackable box can cause poor sales. In addition, the box should be flat and easy to stack. A flat, unadorned bottom is important in eyelash packaging wholesale.


If you want to sell eyelashes, consider buying eyelash packaging boxes. These boxes are useful for keeping eyelashes fresh and protected. They can be made from strong cardboard, recyclable Kraft, or other non-bendable rigid material. If you choose to make your own packaging, you may want to consider coating it to protect it from the elements. The packaging box can be simple cardboard or plastic cube that is covered with prettier, more decorative paper.

The best material for eyelash boxes is clear or acrylic material, which is durable and safe for the false lashes inside. Eyelash boxes come in a wide range of colors and styles. They can also be customized with a private label. When making eyelash packaging, keep in mind that bright colors will entice women more. Women are drawn to bright and fun shades, so make sure that you research popular trends and include them in your packaging.


Considering the high demand for eyelash boxes, many cosmetics brands are now printing custom eyelash boxes with their private logo and other information. The boxes should also communicate to consumers the high quality of their products and contain social media links, an eco-friendly symbol, and useful educative information. Depending on the purpose of the box, you can choose between different colors and design options.

Choose your preferred design. Choose from the available designs at Ideal Custom Boxes. You can add glitter and holographic designs to the surface. Choose from US dollar and money patterns or any other design. Customization is a good idea. Make your box look like a luxury handbag! Choose from a wide range of eyelash box colors and textures. These accessories will surely make your box stand out from the crowd.


There are several factors to consider when choosing eyelash packaging. The box must be sturdy and made of high-quality material to protect the eyelashes. The box should be sealed well to ensure that the eyelashes stay safe during shipping. It should also contain the manufacturer’s name, brand slogan, and social messages. Finally, the eyelash packaging should fit well with your product and target audience.

Choose a durable and flexible material for eyelash boxes. Recyclable Kraft or white SBS paperboards are great options. You may choose a box with a metallic surface or foil stamping for extra style. You may also opt for an express box with adhesive tape for faster delivery. In any case, eyelash packaging must have legible text to help the buyer quickly unbox the box. In addition to the material, the size of the eyelash box must be consistent.


There are many ways to brand eyelash boxes. You can use different color schemes and shapes and add social media icons or links. The design of your custom eyelash box should convey your brand’s high standards and appeal to the female audience. You can also add benefit points, social platform symbols, or useful educational information. If you want to boost your eyelash sales, branding your boxes is a great idea.

Choose a color scheme that matches your brand’s image. This will allow you to promote your eyelash products effectively. Colorful boxes are attractive. Custom logos and slogans are more noticeable and memorable. Regardless of whether you sell makeup, eyelashes are an excellent way to brand your product. Using Custom Printed Boxes will help your brand stand out from the competition and attract new customers. You can even have them printed with your brand’s name and logo. Customized boxes feature your logo and contact information. Some are even holographic, so you can use the box to advertise a new product line.

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