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Top Free PrestaShop Themes With Beautiful Ecommerce Designs

PrestaShop themes is among the most well-known open-source shopping platforms that powers stores of all sizes and shapes worldwide.

While PrestaShop provides an e-commerce free solution to set up an online shop choosing the appropriate theme to represent your brand can be challenging. To help you avoid the hassle, I’ve listed various of the best user-friendly and frequently utilised themes for PrestaShop themes.

Once you’ve settled on the PrestaShop template for your online store, you can always use ThemeVolty for assistance in transferring your store and receiving the most reliable managed PrestaShop hosting. But, of course, this means you need to concentrate on your business’s e-commerce while ThemeVolty Service  manages everything else on the server.

Without further delay, Let’s look at the best thirteen free PrestaShop themes.


13 Amazing Free PrestaShop Themes to Pick From

These themes are lightweight and will ensure that your website runs at its best. These themes have been selected randomly.

Wheels and Tires Theme

It is among the most responsive themes that you can get on the PrestaShop website. It’s, in fact, the most popular theme and can be used in multiple languages, such as English, Spanish, German, Russian, etc. You can build websites for various projects in business-like interior design, architecture, fashion, retail, and fashion. With cutting-edge designs, the Wheels and Tires Theme has become one of the most-loved themes for PrestaShop 


eCommerce websites.

To increase the experience of visuals, This theme uses Parallax and Havoc mechanisms to enhance the visual experience. The dropdown menu makes it simple to access the PrestaShop website, giving customers the ability to find relevant information regarding the items available in its e-shop. It works with Bootstrap PHP, PSD, and TPL.

This theme is responsive, so you can utilise it on any device that supports smartphones, including smartphones, laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc. One of the most useful features it offers is the user-friendly admin panel. Through it, you can monitor the traffic to your site. This theme can be downloaded for free.

Wood Theme

This ‘ wood’ design will work with any ecommerce website. The most helpful feature of the PrestaShop theme is the slider. The slider has links for essential details. If you’re in the design business, This theme is right for the theme is entirely responsive, so it can be used on any device that supports a touchscreen. The white and black colours sound fantastic and are perfect for most PrestaShop websites. This theme gives you the chance to attract customers to sign up for newsletters.


This theme comes with a single column home page and two-column subpages. It also supports social media sites so that you will have a massive reach to your international users. There is no need to pay one cent to acquire this fantastic theme.


Clothes Theme

If you’re looking to develop an e-commerce PrestaShop website to display various clothes and other attire, such as ‘ Clothes Theme ‘is the best option. In addition, it’s mobile, which means you can utilise this theme on any device that you like.

Promoting your product and increasing sales is possible by using this theme. This theme is also compatible with sliders. It is also possible to incorporate images with text to promote your products. This template will get all the basic features of an excellent PrestaShop website.

A search bar, a dropdown menu, Add to Cart button, and categories appear in the header within the themes. In addition, you can make custom banners for your site. This theme is available at no fee.


Leo T-shirt Theme

Leo T-shirt Leo T-shirt is a modern theme designed for PrestaShop websites designed to sell items for sale, including clothes, sports items, and mobile accessories. One of the most significant features of this theme is the autoplay slider.

The theme is bright and vibrant, so you can draw interested online customers when they arrive. The theme also includes the ability to control themes which lets you modify the design for the layout of your PrestaShop website. You can also choose the colour scheme that is available in this theme. In this theme, you have two banner choices.

You can also install this theme on smartphones, mobile phones, personal computers, tablets, iPads, and other electronic devices. It’s free.


Leesport Theme

Leesport is another accessible and responsive theme specially designed for ecommerce sites using PrestaShop. As the name suggests, this theme is ideal for creating an online store that sells items for sports, a bags boutique, a fashion store or computer accessories. The most significant benefit of this theme is that it works with the jQuery framework. What can also use it with other modules and compatible with all smart devices? It’s a lighter theme with three colour options and two layout choices.

Travel Products Store

It is among the unique themes available for PrestaShop websites. Travel Products Store has bootstrap support and is powered by a blend of Javascript and CSS frameworks. It helps organise your website’s content as well as images with ease.

The theme has categorising options, making navigation incredibly simple. It has dropdown menus, an easy dropdown cart, and Google maps and Live search. You can also utilise Social sharing icons to publish updates across various sites on the social web.

Fishing Theme

Do you enjoy fishing? PrestaDevelop has introduced a complete and exclusive fishing theme to those passionate about fishing and who want to create an online store selling items related to fishing.

With this responsive and free theme, you will get an option to drop down the menu and search bar and add items to your cart. This theme provides you with an appealing aqua background, which is in line with your business goals. Additionally, you will need to improve your Prestashop SEO to boost inbound traffic.


Black and White Theme

If you’re searching for an easy to use and clean PrestaShop theme, then opt for the “Black and White responsive theme. The theme is free, which means you don’t have to pay money.

One of the most appealing aspects of the theme’s design is that it lets you display your online store offers and deals in a separate area—a simple navigation bar.

Another fantastic feature that you’ll be able to appreciate with this theme is that it is responsive. It lets users add items they want to purchase with just one click.


Final Words!

Here are a couple of the many free PrestaShop themes you can find on the internet. If you have any information about a gratis PrestaShop compatible theme not on this list, please let us know in the comment section.

If you’re looking for safe and reliable PrestaShop hosting, look into eCommerce Hosting. ThemeVolty’ system is compatible with Varnish, which provides your website with extra stability by caching frequently-used requests. In addition, our optimization process can make websites 100 percent quicker. Start your trial for free today!

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