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Top winter activities you should definitely try

Depending on the region, winter lasts from three months to insanity. In the latter case, there is more than enough time and you need to occupy yourself with something. It is best to try something new, perhaps something that you will learn about now.

Along with winter comes such unpleasant things as cold weather, snow-covered roads and epidemics of colds. But it also provides many opportunities for a pleasant and fun pastime. We have prepared for you a list of the best winter activities that will help make this winter even more interesting.

Winter kitesurfing

Snowkiting is one of the “board” disciplines, where an athlete rolls on a board in the snow behind an open parachute. There is no doubt that it will help to improve the level of control over the body, it will pump you perfectly physically and will make you feel how dependent we are on the environment. And most importantly, how majestically strong nature is.

Dog sledding.

You’ve probably dreamed of waking up one morning, leaving your home in Finland and taking a dog sled ride to the nearby village of Joulupukki. It’s all possible, however, for starters, it’s worth learning how to manage a gang of snow dogs. They are not as obedient as it might seem at first, but to stay in the sleigh is generally the TRP standard. You definitely won’t be bored. In Canada, this type of entertainment is also very popular.


According to many, snowmobiling is fun for wealthy villagers. But these “snow machines” were created for completely different tasks. Knowing how to drive another vehicle will never be superfluous. You can go to work as a lifeguard in the mountains, deliver large and heavy loads in the Far North, or have a great time with friends digging it out of deep snow at the time of the expedition.


There has long been a cold war between skiers and snowboarders for the right to dominate the mountain. But if you put aside the prejudices about what is actually stylish, then the bottom line is pure sport. Firstly, skiing is a completely different speed, they are higher. Secondly, a more familiar position of the body relative to forwarding movement. And thirdly, a different set of muscles will work for you than when snowboarding. At least once it will be useful to try.


Do not underestimate this winter fun and take it lightly. Sometimes going down a hill in a straight line can be a challenge. And not only for your nervous system but also for the vestibular apparatus. Of course, this is fun in the first place, but if you yourself carry the tube up the mountain, we assure you, it will become a good cardio workout.

Snowshoe hiking

Snowshoes (snowshoes Canada sale) are short and wide skis for walking in deep snow, virgin snow. Due to a significant increase in the area of the feet, distribute the load from body weight on the snow and allow you to move without falling into the snow as deep as if they were not on their feet. The most important part of this activity is choosing the right snowshoeing outfit. So choose the best quality shoes for snowshoeing and be more confident.

Snowball game

Have you ever tried throwing snowballs at someone? If not, then you should definitely do it this winter. It will not only be a lot of fun, but also help get rid of unnecessary stress.

Get together with your family and arrange real snow fights, which will successfully replace a full-fledged physical activity. Studies show that you can lose up to 400 calories in an hour of snowball fights. Although many insist that snow is not the best option for health!

Snow architecture

Do you know how you can make snowball fights even more interesting? By building a real battlefield of snow – with its walls, towers, and moats. This activity will allow you to show your creativity to all your neighbors.

And of course, winter is not wintering unless you make at least one snowman. Bring along an old hat and scarf, some vegetables, and try to make the biggest snowman the world has ever seen. Then he will greet you every morning and, perhaps, your day will become a little better from this.


There is nothing better than going to the sauna on a cold, snowy winter day. This is a great way to relax, in addition to the fact that you can strengthen your immune system by doing it regularly. A good immune system is a guarantee that you will not catch a cold and stay in bed on beautiful winter days.

Dress nicely after the sauna and drink a cup of hot tea to enhance the positive effect. And remember – going to the sauna with a group can be extremely fun!


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