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Ultimate Guide to Custom Pillow Boxes

Why do some artists become successful and some fail to carry on with their careers? There is work which fills the hearts of people with joy and then it is such of which people are unable to associate any love with. Likewise, customizations are similar. People love only that work that directly touches their hearts. Smaller and simpler products are also one of those which need such customizations. Otherwise, they will not sell in the market.

Custom Pillow boxes are a very good example. This pillow-like small to the medium-sized box is always prone to scrutiny if not designed according to the needs. Moreover, the needs of customers vary a lot. A manufacturer may like one type of packing but similar packing will not be a need of an ordinary customer. So, customizing a pillow box is a serious matter which affects its sale.


Earth cannot be flat. But that doesn’t stop us from making other things flat on their edges. A good example is customization applied to a pillow box. It looks a thousand times better if its edges are flat. It looks like someone has pressed it from its edges till they become flat. Manufacturers will not like this customization. They do not like anything which adds to the cost.

It doesn’t add much to the cost of a single box. They just need so many boxes that the cost difference becomes significant. The slight increase in the cost is because of the extra material which makes these edges. Also, manufacturers do not like this customization as it slightly increases the dimensions of the Pillow Box Packaging. If they can pack six ordinary pillow boxes in a display bag, with this customization, they may be able to pack five.


When the visual characteristics of a product are on the line in the packaging industry, it is that turning point for that product to become either a hit or a flop. Packaging companies are very serious about this aspect too. They try to make their Custom Pillow Boxes as best as they can. The asymmetrical design is one of the options when it comes to visuals. This design is what everyone will like. In symmetrical designs, there are other options too which are related to the shapes of the products. Shapes can be circles, triangles, or rectangles but not trapezoids and irregular ones. There is a trend in the market that preference is only for some shapes when it comes to such design. Further, these boxes are filled with text, color, or an image based on what the customers want. This shape is repeated all over the box.


Customized pillow boxes are taking over the market of other packaging products. There are these boxes which are plain and simple with only one color on them but they still look very eye-catchy. Highlighting the edges is the key. A brown pillow box can be highlighted with the edges of dark brown color. This gives a unique appearance to the product. Some other color combinations look very good too. One of them is to color the pillow box with a light color like yellow or sky blue and make the edges dark colors like red and purple. This makes the box look fabulous.


The name of the pillow box surely depends on its shape which looks like a pillow. But there are pillow boxes that look more like something else than a pillow. One very good example is a pillow box that has something attached to its ends to carry it. If this pillow box is a big one, it looks more like a handbag than a pillow. Isn’t this cool. A box can resemble multiple items. So, do we change its name from pillow box to handbag box? No, it will remain a pillow box mainly because it is popular with this name.


Customization options are unlimited with every product nowadays. Improperly customized products are difficult to sell in this market. Flat ends make the pillow boxes look extremely good. But manufacturers do not like this customization. An increase in the number of boxes adds a significant amount to the overall cost.
Moreover, a symmetrical design is made on the Custom Pillow Boxes. This is one of the simpler options to make a box that looks appealing to all. Colors are important in customizations. Highlighting the edges with the colors of darker shades makes the pillow box more presentable. Furthermore, the pillow box may not look like a pillow due to some customizations but it will remain a pillow box and not something else. There is work which fills the hearts of people with joy and then it is such of which people are unable to associate any love with.

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