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Uses of Eaton Pressure Switch MCS 11 | E Control Devices

The pressure switches are not new to the industry that uses a pump with more than 30 amperes or more. The high power pump or motor requires special-purpose switches to enable the action. 

These are crucial components of the machine to determine the right pressure amount for the safekeeping purposes of the machine.  If the right pressure switch is used the pressure will exceed the right amount and the action will take place at the wrong pressure level. 

This can result in actuation errors, damage to the machine, a safety breach or the person working with the motor, and many other types of issues. 

What is a Pressure Switch?

As the name suggests, the pressure switches read the pressure settings of the high-powered motors or pumps. This is used to activate and deactivate the motor when the pressure limit or threshold is touched.

What Are the Primary Components?

The current pressure switches come with two basic components known as pressure sensors and switch contact. It has some other components such as terminals, contacts, diaphragm, relief valve for the pressure switch, and adjustment spring.

What Are the Advantages?

The primary advantage of Eaton pressure switch MCS 11 is flexible given its switch point, output signal, delay time, and other parameters. 

Another advantage can be the high reliability of its function and the capacity in which this can function without any aid from external power. 

There are several use cases and applications that comprise Eaton pressure switch MCS 11 or any other pressure switch, below are some of them:

Pumping Systems

This helps to maintain the level of the water by activating or deactivating the pump as per the need and fluctuations in the water level. 

Process Equipment

The pressure switches are used in applications that handle a large number of liquids and gas. The pressure needs to be under check to maintain the process flow.

This also helps in detecting the leak by monitoring the pressure, if the pressure is decreasing that can imply a leak.

Determine Application Area as Indoor or Outdoor

Some people might think about how it can be a vital point in choosing the pressure switch. However, the enclosing environment can highly impact the functionality of the switch. Some other factors also play a vital role such as humidity, and weather effects. 

Hazardous Application Area

One should be able to get all the required certificates to declare the application area as a hazardous zone. The application area can be prone to explosion and have components like boilers that can increase the threat of risk. 

Always look for the switch that ranges for the normal tasks but in case the pressure exceeds the usual then it should be able to handle that. 

Check the Setpoints

If the range of the switch is not under the application the setpoints can’t be manageable. Also need to check if the application requires single or dual setpoints and settle on a similar switch.

Having the Right Temperature

The switches have a different range of right and workable temperatures. If the temperature is too hot in the application area it might bring risk. 

Usually, the datasheet can explain the right temperature for any part to work properly. Always look for the right switch that can withstand the maximum possible heat in your application.


The Eaton pressure switch MCS 11 is suitable for most applications. This is used in several industries that deploy pumps or motors of any kind. 

The pressure switches can be termed as basic yet core components of any heavy application with motors. It is a reliable method to monitor the pressure level and it also manages to detect the leak in some applications where liquids or gases are used. 

E Control Devices

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