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What are the Do’s and Don’ts for a Summer Wedding?

In India, weddings are mostly celebrated in the winter as well as the summers. They are noted as the heavy wedding season! Though the weather during the winters is conducive to indoor as well as outdoor weddings, in summers it does pose a challenge for an outdoor wedding. If you are also planning a summer wedding, then there are certain things that you need to keep in mind to have a comfortable one! Here is a list of some dos and don’ts for summer weddings that will help you make it easier for the guests and the bride and groom.

Send your wedding invites in advance to your guests


For many people, summers are all about leisure and travelling to distant places to get some relief from the city’s heart. At the same time, it is also a heavy wedding season. Therefore, we would advise you to send your wedding invitations well in advance so that they can block those dates to be a part of your celebration. If they have the date in their mind, then it would be helpful for them to plan their vacation accordingly.

Add some refreshing drinks to the menu

Summers are all about beating the heat with some refreshing cool drinks. How about treating your guests by welcoming them with such cold drinks! You can add such drinks to your menu that can keep your guests hydrated and relaxed during the function as well. You can even add something better than mocktails such as milkshakes and fresh fruit juices to your menu. Also, if you want to please your guests a little more then you could also include ice candies as well. Not only children but even adults would love this. The most important thing, select the wedding venue so that there is are spite from the heat for your guests. There are farmhouses in Chhatarpur that offer lawn plus hall settings making it comfortable for all kinds of weddings. Ensure there is plenty of cold drinking water available to the guests at all times. keciören escort

Keep the timing of your wedding in your mind 

In India, the daytime in summer is really hot which can be uncomfortable for the guests as well as the couple. Therefore, it is advised to plan your wedding either early morning or in the evening. You need to avoid noon and afternoons since this time of the day can get unbearably hot and humid. Also, if you are thinking of booking an outdoor wedding venue, then ensure that there are adequate shaded areas and add some mist fans or air-conditioned tents for the comfort of your guests. To add a little cutesy touch you can even provide trendy umbrellas, to pose for the wedding photos. It will also add a variety as well as a pop of colour to your wedding album.

Be mindful of the attires 

When it comes to Indian Weddings, the brides are required to dress up in heavy attires with lots of jewellery, makeup and elaborate hair-dos. All these elements are added to enhance the beauty of the bride as per the occasion. Carrying all of this all together is a difficult task and things get even more chaotic when you have to do all this in the summers. Therefore, it is really important to opt for something comfortable during your wedding ceremony as well as the other functions. Therefore, you should consider lighter fabrics as well as colours for your wedding attire. This will helps you keep your energy levels from going down due to the heat. escort kilis

Summer-friendly hair and makeup 

With comfortable attire, you also need to be considerate about your hair and makeup. If you want to be comfortable then you should opt for an elegant style with your hair tied up in an elegant bun or a knot. We know long tresses styled as curls are trending and look chic but we would strongly recommend you avoid them in the heat of the summer. You need to take proper care of your hair in advance to avoid frizzy hair as well. The same goes for makeup, opt for summer-friendly makeup products so that it doesn’t melt in the heat!

The right kind of venue

For a summer wedding, you should opt for an indoor wedding venue, that is fully air-conditioned. In case you are keen on having an outdoor wedding, then you consider an evening wedding. Another option for outdoor weddings is going for a destination wedding in the hills or at some beachside hotels or resorts. Whatever you are planning for the outdoors, you need to have a backup plan ready just in case the weather turns unfavourable.

Summer-friendly décor 

Indian wedding décor majorly involves florals that add beauty to the setup. Adding abundant beautiful flowers available in the summer months can surely help you get a dreamy setup for your dreamy wedding. You can even add seasonal flowers to decorate your wedding venues. This will also help keep your budget in check. Get in touch with a wedding planner or vendor to get the best choices for flowers. To complement this you can even add drapes in summer-friendly hues that will add a whimsical touch to your event! escort kıbrıs

Light menu for the summer weddings

In summer appetites are generally low. People usually refrain from having heavy and oily food items as they are not very tempting and pleasing to the eye in the season. Therefore, you should consider adding light, refreshing and appealing food to your menu for all the functions. You can even add more variety in cool desserts and refreshing fruits as well. Also, for the main course, plan a great meal with your caterer which is less spicy and oily.

Arrangement of rooms 

Summers are quite uncomfortable for everyone, be it the couple or the guests attending the wedding! Therefore, you should arrange a powder room or any other kind of room at your wedding venue for your guests where they can freshen up so that they can get some relief from the heat. You can even provide some spray bottles, wet wipes and tissues for your guest’s use as well. kırklareli escort

We know planning a wedding is a very overwhelming process. One can easily overlook some little things that matter or affect you and your guests. Therefore, be mindful of things while planning one, especially in summer!


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