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What do Vape shops need to know about vape juice nicotine strength?

What do Vape shops need to know about vape juice nicotine strength?

Since vape Juices come with nicotine, vape shops must understand what does nicotine strength means? And how they should guide their customers about vape juice nicotine strengths. Another important reason for vape shops to understand the nicotine strength of vape juice is to differentiate between the vape juices they should buy from the best vape wholesale distributor in the United States.

What does Vape juice nicotine strength mean?

Nicotine intensity in Vape juice is measured in milligrams of nicotine per milliliter of electronic liquid. For example, a bottle of steam juice with a nicotine intensity of 3 mg contains 3 mg of nicotine per ml. For a 60ml bottle,  the entire bottle contains 180mg of nicotine.

On the other hand, E-Liquid containing nicotine salt tends to come in small bottles. A 30 ml bottle of 50 mg strength nicotine salt vapor juice contains 1,500 mg of nicotine.

Some vapes have a nicotine intensity of 5 percent, which is the most commonly available intensity. If your product indicates its nicotine intensity as a percentage instead of milligrams, you can get a rough idea of ​​the milligram intensity by adding zero to the end of the number. For example, a vape pod with a  nicotine level of 5% will have a nicotine intensity of about 50 mg or higher. Here’s an easy way to choose the strength of nicotine:

Two Types of vapes in terms of inhalation style:

There are two types of vapes in terms of inhalation styles.

  • Mouth to Lung Inhalation Vapes
  • Direct to Lung Inhalation vapes

Mouth to Lung Vapes (MTL):

The mouth-to-lung inhaling devices are small devices like pod systems. The device will have a small mouthpiece and you`ll feel a good amount of air resistance when you inhale through it.

Direct To Lung Vapes (DTL):

Direct to lungs inhaling device has a large vape mod. These devices probably have a large glass tank with a wide mouthpiece that`s much larger than the filter of a cigarette. You will feel almost no air resistance while inhaling through the tank.

How to suggest nicotine strength to  your customers:

For MTL vaping devices, one should generally use nicotine salt eliquid. With most vape juice brands, that means he`ll be choosing between nicotine strengths of 25 and 50 mg.

50 mg nicotine strength is recommended for those who are frequent smokers and new to vaping. If your customer is already a vaper and is currently using a prefilled vaping device, you should suggest the 25 mg nicotine strength. Because he`ll probably find that his first refillable vaping device produces bigger clouds than the prefilled device he is using now.

For a DTL vape device, you should suggest the free base nicotine e-liquid. This means that in most cases he should choose a nicotine intensity of 3 mg to 6 mg.

In this case,  a nicotine intensity of 3 mg is recommended. This is because today’s vape mods produce very large clouds of vapor, so the higher nicotine intensity of 6 mg is overkill for most people.

How to tell if nicotine is too strong or too low:

Next, we need to understand why it is important to know the strength of nicotine.

If the intensity of nicotine is too high (for example, if you are using an electronic liquid of nicotine salt in a device that inhales directly), you can get sick while inhaling the vapor. In this case, you should immediately stop vaping, empty the device tank and switch to an electronic liquid with significantly lower nicotine intensity.

If the strength of nicotine is a little too high, the vaper may feel the overwhelming sensation of a throbbing or irritating throat when you inhale. He may be nervous, and he’s probably experienced a sensation similar to a smoker.

At some point, one might have lit another cigarette shortly after extinguishing the previous one, but the experience was no longer fun and he had to extinguish the second one before finishing it.

This is how vaping feels when the nicotine is too strong. In this case,  the vaper needs to step down from  50 mg strength to  25 mg strength, or from  6 mg strength to  3 mg strength.

The Vaper will find that if the intensity of nicotine is too low, he will never be completely satisfied when he smokes, even if it looks like he has never actually placed the device.

If he is using a 3mg nicotine intensity with a Direct-to-lung vape, he should consider stepping up to a 6mg intensity. If he is already using 6 mg intensity, he should consider buying an oral respirator and switching to nicotine salt e-liquid.

What is the ideal vaping setup and nicotine intensity for the new vaper?

How can you know which type of vaping device is beginner-friendly?

If your buyer is new to vaping, he should start with a small refillable pod system. This is great if he is afraid to invest a lot in something he doesn’t like.

The Pod System is specially designed to take full advantage of the nicotine salt liquid and provide a vapor-breathing experience that captures the sensation of smoking a cigarette.

The first time he use vaping, he need a mouth-to-lung device. This is the best way to experience the satisfying throat hits he needs as a new vaper. Because this intensity is close to tobacco cigarettes, it is advisable to purchase the highest nicotine salt intensity available (usually 50 mg) for the first vaping device.

If he smokes infrequently, he should start with an intensity of 25 mg instead.

What Do Freebase Nicotine, Nicotine Salt Have to Do with Nicotine Strength?

New vapers can largely ignore the nicotine type when buying vape juice and simply focus on the nicotine strength instead.

Freebase nicotine is the most common type of nicotine in the eliquid world. And it`s used mainly in lower strength e-liquids in the 36mg range.  Nicotine salt comes with a neutral pH than freebase nicotine, which helps to reach higher strengths. Nicotine salt is used for high-strength e-liquids in the 25 to 50 mg range.


With all mentioned above the importance of understanding the nicotine strength in vape juices for vape shop businesses is evident. And, how they can provide greater customer service by explaining nicotine strength.

Another benefit for vape shops is that they can identify the best-selling vapes juices in terms of nicotine strength. And this will eventually become beneficial for vape shops in acquiring a wider customer base and in the procurement of vape juices from the most reliable vape wholesale dealer in their location.

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