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What Is an Automated Manifest System?

The automated manifest system (AMS) is an important part of the efforts to cut down potential security threats. The system started in 2014 and since it began it has streamlined marine intervening aspects. The application is easy to understand. According to stipulations set by the Customs and Border Protection agency, it requires all ships passing or entering through U.S. waters to give details about cargo content. This means the AMS Is required to be uploaded with the right details before a ship is able to make its way to any American port.

Some of the information that is required includes the names and addresses of the receipt and sender of the freight, the exact name of the commodity, weight and number, details of the port where the goods were first loaded, data of the foreign port the ship wants to enter, last port details before the ship arrives in the U.S., and the ship name, voyage number, and country of origin.

There are plenty of advantages to the AMS system. The process is much faster and helps to eliminate unnecessary paperwork. Everything in the system is computer-controlled, so documents can be saved for further reference, making the process even easier. Officials are able to concentrate on identifying any vessels that actually pose a threat instead of focusing on vessels that aren’t threatening. Port authorities can then engage about the cargo details when necessary.

If the automated manifest system hasn’t been correctly applied, then there are different scenarios that could happen. The ship, as well as the contents, could be seized for checking, which then delays the transit process. This could mean that there is a financial problem and wasted time for the company that is engaging in the cargo transfer. There is also the presence of potential diplomatic problems and unwanted bureaucracy between countries.

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