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What to host webinars in 2022

Some webinar topics are easy to sell and easy to talk about. However, not all of them can attract the target customer or build your reputation. Therefore, it is better to spend a little time and learn about topics that will be of value to your potential audience and will help in the development of your brand (and not only).

Webinars are used both for business and for conducting educational courses and classes. The topics of online events range from business meetings, training of specialists to private lessons, advertising.

But even experienced marketers find it hard to figure out what to host webinars in 2022. In this article, we will answer. This information will be relevant and useful for both beginners and veterans of online events.

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Tips for those just getting started with webinars

Explore popular requests for webinars on the Internet. With slight seasonal fluctuations, the following topics remain the leaders of the search:

  • tourism
  • learning foreign languages
  • sales techniques
  • business ideas
  • programming
  • marketing
  • design
  • psychology
  • children
  • cryptocurrencies
  • weight loss and proper nutrition

These online events usually have a lot of participants registering for them. When choosing something from this list, keep in mind that often webinars on these topics are offered for free. Through this method, individual consultations, related products, in-depth courses, or affiliate programs are sold.

Topics for specialists in certain industries will be interesting:

  • accounting.
  • legislation.
  • sports, professional development of trainers.
  • the medicine.
  • repair and construction.

There will already be fewer registrations, but you can sell the webinars themselves. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the detailed guide to preparing a webinar.

You have decided on the topic of the webinar. What’s next?

To understand what exactly it is worth holding a webinar, answer a few questions.

What interests your customers, your target audience the most?

Most likely, you will immediately name several topics that your potential viewers are most often interested in (or could be interested in). Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild, strain your memory. Everything that is written about in thematic publics and forums can help. Also, seks hikaye it will not be superfluous to check personal correspondence. Most likely, one of your potential viewers has already asked you a question on the topic in which you specialize. 

What are you an expert in, what niche do you want to occupy? 

To implement any successful project (from a webinar to a profitable business), it is important for you to objectively assess your capabilities. What for? This will help you choose a topic that you can host webinars in 2022. For example, if you are in sales, you probably know how to build relationships with recalcitrant customers. You can also talk about how to organize a promotion that will increase sales in the off-season.

What can you learn in an hour? 

Few people like it when a speaker talks about completely banal or useless things. Yes, and does it for a long time or several sessions. You need to engage your audience from the first hour of your webinar. How to do it? Choose a topic that will bring a tangible effect in one session. For example, if you are talking about finances, share a finished work case with the audience. Teach them a skill they can use after your introductory session. 

And how to prepare excellent material for a webinar, you can read in this article.

Advice for those who have already started hosting webinars

Sometimes it may seem that there are no more interesting topics left, everything has already been said, written, and there is nothing to surprise the participants. If you’re hooked on this thought, it looks like you could do with a little creative pause. Have a good rest, and then look around – ideas are nearby.

A creative retrospective doesn’t hurt either: take a look at the content you’ve already created. Analyze it. Often during a webinar, some points remain untouched due to lack of time. And the topic is not fully disclosed. Why not take advantage of this? 

To find new topics for online events, talk to colleagues, and support. For example, MyOwnConference specialists can always help you with this issue. They know a lot about the interests of your clients. And we will gladly select the best option for you.

Ask your followers for advice. With a competent approach, such a technique can increase credibility. And also potential customers will decide that you care about their opinion. Ask a question in the mailing list or groups in social networks. Feel free to ask about what potential participants of your webinar are interested in, what they would like to know about. Set up a vote.

Yes, and do not disdain the experience of your competitors. Of course, nothing needs to be plagiarized. See what topics they have not yet covered, what questions they have not answered – be the first in your niche!

Tips for everyone

After choosing an area, move on to a narrower topic. For example, we narrow down a huge layer of materials about tourism to “Where to relax in the summer of 2022”. And also: “How to surprise an experienced tourist in Spain.” If you are talking about children and psychologists, make a webinar about children’s sleep, and then you can specify:

How to improve your baby’s sleep after 3 years

Write down ideas, topics, questions, catchy heading variations

It is impossible to keep track of all the trends, but to understand the trends, look not only at thematic publications. Blogs (especially foreign ones) related to your topic are very useful. Get to know other people who work in or cover your area. So you will not only be in the know, but you will also be able to find a speaker for the next webinar.

If you have your blog, see what is the most popular content on it. Be attentive to comments

Use the questions you get asked in webinars and always invite attendees to write their feedback after the meeting is over. Many certainly will not be up to detailed comments. Therefore, it is better to prepare a survey or questionnaire in your webinar service in advance. Offer to fill it out shortly before the end of the event, but not at the very end of it.

Ask if the participants heard answers to their questions about what they would like to know more

When the list of topics is ready, become a critic

Tell me, would you register for a webinar if you were a representative of the target audience? Is such a webinar really useful, will it help solve a real problem? Are you excited about holding such a meeting? How will such a webinar help you and your brand grow?

Use the tips above to come up with unique and fresh topics for your next webinar. You will be surprised how many ideas will appear in your notebook in a short time. But then, you may have to look for a solution to the next problem: where to find the time to implement all the projects.

Register for free on the MyOwnConference platform. Here you will find many features that will come in handy during the organization of your webinar.

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