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What to Look for in a Social Media Marketing Firm

If you’re looking to hire a social media marketing firm, there are some things to look for. For one, you want to make sure that the agency learns as much as possible about your marketing goals and business. Most sales reps will only talk about what they offer and will use the same generic process for every business. Ideally, a social media firm should come up with a custom strategy to meet your needs.

Building a strong portfolio as a social media marketing firm

To build a strong portfolio as a social media marketer, you must first develop an effective call to action. Whether it is a PDF, printed flier, or a custom website, it should be able to showcase your abilities in an accessible format and include links to other parts of your portfolio. While it is not easy to build an impressive portfolio in an hour, it is not impossible.

To get hired by a company, you must first create a strong social media marketing portfolio. This includes a bio or mission statement that explains the value of your work. You must also have a resume that includes the elements of the perfect resume.


If you find yourself stuck in this process, learning how to write a solid resume can help you create an excellent portfolio. Here are some tips to get you started:

A well-crafted portfolio should contain six to eight examples of projects. Each should contain in-depth details that allow potential clients to get to know each project. Include details that explain how the projects came about and who the customers are. Include photos where possible, and always give a client a reason to work with you. It should also include testimonials from satisfied clients. This way, prospective clients can judge your work easily.

Unique portfolio

Your marketing portfolio should include your best work, as well as a description of the methodology and thought process behind each project. Make sure that your portfolio is accompanied by a link to your social media accounts. The portfolio should also contain samples of your work, a brief explanation of how you approached each project, and data-driven metrics that show your capabilities. If your portfolio is lacking these, you should focus on creating a unique portfolio that showcases your work and helps you grow as a professional.


You can also take on online jobs to gain more experience. As social media continues to grow and expand, there are more businesses looking for help with their social media presence. You can apply for an apprenticeship with an online social media marketing firm such as Acadium, which matches apprentices with businesses that need help managing their social media presence. The experience gained from working with a vetted mentor broadened Grace’s knowledge and confidence, and gave her the self-confidence to start her own social media marketing firm.

Requiring clients to sign a services agreement

A services agreement is an important part of the social media marketing process. This contract should include all information, resources, and dates for completion. It should also name a client-facing person who will provide regular feedback and guidance about the social media marketing plan. It should also specify the scope of the project and any expected outcomes. Social media managers should avoid stating vague promises and should make sure they are clear about the length of the contract.

Social media marketing firm

A social media management contract must clearly state who owns the work. Generally, the firm retains ownership of the work, but it is important to note that a client may own certain proprietary methods. If a social media marketing firm teaches clients, they must indicate that they own any online courses or training materials they create. While the contract may seem complex at first, it will be worth the extra effort.

Pricing structure

There are two ways to set up your pricing for a social media marketing firm. The first method is to create packages and prices and display them on your site. Once you have created packages and prices. You can quickly provide quotes to prospective clients and test them out to ensure that they work within your budget. The second method is to offer a free trial of your service and ask potential clients how much they would be willing to pay for it.

One way to determine pricing is to ask what other services are included in the package. While many larger companies have the budget for a full-service package. A smaller business may have to do a lot of hustling to build a social media presence. Remember to always keep in mind that you’re a strategic partner, and that each client has different needs. Therefore, your pricing structure should reflect this.


You can also get a social media marketing firm package for $3,000 to $20k a month. The industry average is between four and seven thousand dollars a month. This pricing structure will include a full-service strategy, including creating your social media profiles from scratch, as well as scheduling and generating content. You can also sign up for a four to twelve-month contract to get a more comprehensive service. The monthly package will usually include some content generation and feed support, but does not include as much as the other two packages.


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