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Why Should Companies Choose to Build IOS App or Android App in 2022?

Web and mobile applications occupy a large sector in the digital era. Businesses are trying to create a digital online presence for their brands, helping them reach a larger market share. Plenty of applications automate significant work processes and provide seamless communication between users and brands. Organizations build iOS app to provide an easy access source to a company’s information, products and services while sitting at home. Look at the iPhone in your hand, and you will find various applications installed. But these aren’t all. Few have been pre-installed as the basics of any mobile company.

Besides this, the android apps cater to the majority of the world population, providing enhanced experiences with simple technology. The android app builder here focuses on optimizing performance by integrating next-level technologies like artificial intelligence to streamline a company’s goals and needs. From gaming applications to stock exchanges apps, everything these days have come on a digital platform serving 90% of the population. Though both these operating systems need different codes for their development process with the native system, the hybrid apps have changed the perspective. It allows developers to use the same codebase to create apps for both. This means creating an android app to easily use on an iOS app and vice versa. Cool, isn’t it?

Should Organizations Build IOS App or an Android App?

The iOS is an operating system developed by Apple that allows users to browse or download applications created using the iOS SDKs. They build apps for mobile devices, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, etc. Further, all of these can be found on the App Store. However, not all apps need to be downloaded. Few come pre-installed with the device like weather, mail, maps, facetime, radio, etc. The iOS devices are one of the advanced technologies with a robust structure with unique features that give them the power to create a competitive edge.

On the other hand, an android app is part of the Android operating system, which has a zip file with codes, metadata, and other resources. Developers write these applications in multiple languages like C++, Kotlin, and Java. Like the iOS apps, a few android applications come preinstalled on the device from before, including Weather, calculator, phonebook, maps, etc. Since there are more android users globally, there are more android applications. These apps are easier to create, maintain and deploy using simple techniques. Secondly, there are more compatible with next-generation technologies to provide immersive experiences with apps. Having said that, organizations are looking for cost-effective app development, and android apps have to be the one. Thus, creating feature-rich, highly functional apps at a low cost wins the game.

5 Examples of IOS and Android apps

  • Stack

Printers have been an essential asset to businesses where major work needs to be printed on paper to get signed, inform the employees, or maintain the written document. In the olden days, home printers and scanners gained immense popularity as they were necessary in the rapidly growing world. However, since it has become expensive now, people have started searching for alternatives. It was then that Google created Stack. It is a scanner converted into an android application. This has made the scanning process much faster. You only have to point the phone at a document and click a picture. The app converts the image to PDF, allowing users to crop or edit it using advanced tools. Further, the app integrates well with all the GSuite services making uploading, sharing, and labeling the scanned file easier.

  • KCRW

Search for the best radio station in town? KCRW is one of the best iOS apps providing entertainment to local and international artists. It even enables live shows, movies, and music. Above that, anyone can listen to KCRW for free with the app. Developers emphasize building the iOS app KCRW to enjoy its “Eclectic 24” channel. Further, the app doesn’t use algorithms as the human DJs are 24/7 available for android users to entertain them, mitigating its influence on money.

  • National Park Service

We always want to travel or learn about such a park in detail. Many of us even want to go camping and learn about different animals, trees, insects, etc. But it is not always possible. It could be because of the incredibly high cost or distance issues. The National Park Service application facilitates users with in-depth information about more than four hundred parks in the United States of America. It even lets customers reserve camps to enjoy the scenery and experience in real life.

Moreover, unlike most apps, you can use it in offline mode, leveraging easy access to maps and visitor guides. This is beneficial in remote areas with little or no phone service. This app is available for both iOS and Android users.

  • Google Search

The powerful app is known to all android and even to iOS users has to be the Google search. Users must download the app from Google Play Store to use it efficiently. Once downloaded, it leverages users to ask anything they like, from locations, food items, and destinations to solving mathematic questions. Since it is an advanced searching app, it has various commands that allow users to control smart products at home. The android app builder highly recommends the application for people that are more inclined toward research work. Besides this, the Google Assistant application lets customers launch the icon quickly on the home screen for free.

  • Aloe Bud

The iOS app was launched in 2018 for users to practice self-care. It has multiple features that allow users to set daily reminders to drink water, exercise, eat, etc., encouraging a healthy lifestyle. After completing the tasks, you can even check your daily activities through a personalized dashboard. It is beneficial for those stuck with their desk jobs or who do not get the time to move about much. Hence, setting reminders forces users to be active throughout the day to improve mental and physical health. Instead of making the process complicated or judgmental, it takes the users through a positive and easy self-care journey.

Organizations focus on creating iOS and Android applications with a high demand for placing the products and services online. It attracts more customers. However, it becomes necessary for businesses to develop unique apps that solve emerging issues to create a competitive edge. Since there are already millions of apps, companies should either choose to build iOS app or an Android app seeing the demand. The above were a few examples of such applications that serve different purposes to make life easier.


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