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Why you should go kayaking

Kayaking can be done by anyone. Outdoor activity is very important for maintaining health and well-being. If, by the way, we can combine it with spending time with others and relaxing outside the city, all the better. That’s why kayaking in the United States is gaining popularity – it’s the perfect way to get outdoors and everyone will love it, regardless of gender, age, or even physical fitness.

Learn 8 reasons why you should kayak:

  • Active recreation;
  • Contact with water;
  • Kayaking everyone can;
  • Close to nature;
  • You won’t get bored with kayaking;
  • Low cost of the trip;
  • Meeting new people;
  • You will sail once, you will want more.

Active recreation

More and more people are looking for forms of leisure that combine physical activity and relaxation for the mind. Kayaking fits perfectly into these requirements. This form of activity mainly engages the muscles of the arms, back, and chest, but it does not have to be very strenuous. If you don’t want that, you can opt for a calm, relaxing swim. On average, an hour of paddling allows you to burn between 200 and 400 calories, and with very intense rafting this value reaches 700 kcal. Kayaking has other health benefits as well, such as strengthening your heart and cardiovascular system, strengthening your muscles, improving your overall fitness, or increasing your lung capacity.

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Contact with water

Contact with water

Many people find the sound of the water not only very relaxing, but you can also plan other activities around kayaking. Swimming in the river or a nearby lake, other water sports, or just relaxing by the water in places with few tourists. In the end, you can stop at any location you choose while kayaking, as long as there is access to the shore. Also, kayaking down the river offers amazing views that we don’t get to see every day from this angle.

Kayaking can be done by anyone

Kayaking can be done by anyone

Kayaking is an activity for literally everyone. You can confidently go to it with the whole family, taking both the elderly and teenagers and children. Of course, it is necessary to take care of the safety of each participant on the trip. If you choose the right route, as well as the pace of the passage, good fun will be provided for everyone. Even including those who are just starting out or do not have great physical fitness as children. Lovers of adventure, expecting a large dose of adrenaline, will also find something to their liking. They can choose more extreme routes on rivers with fast currents and a large number of obstacles.

Proximity to nature

Proximity to nature

Contact with nature has a good effect on both our physical and mental health. We can oxygenate, calm, and distract ourselves from our everyday worries or the hustle and bustle of the city. Kayaking is a great way to get away from the phone and social media. It will help restore emotional balance. In addition, scenic landscapes and a variety of animals await you. When rafting on the river you will see them such as wild birds, deer, and even beavers. During the rafting, you will also be accompanied by pleasant birdsong and the noise of the river, which will relax us.

You won’t get bored with kayaking

Kayaking in the U.S. can be rediscovered each time because of the many routes and their diversity – some rivers are lazy and calm, while others present a challenge even for experienced kayakers. In addition, rafting trips organized in spring, autumn, and even winter are gaining in popularity, which is quite a treat for those looking for more excitement after getting a taste of kayaking.

Low expedition costs

The cost of renting equipment is not that high, and you can further reduce the price of a rafting trip by choosing a shorter route or going in a larger group. PAGAJOS kayak rental company will provide the participants of the expedition with everything they will need. There remains the issue of getting to the place, as well as accommodation if the expedition will last longer – of course, you can look for a hotel along the route, but a much cheaper and more interesting solution will be a campsite and accommodation in nature. The cost of food, on the other hand, can be reduced by deciding to take food from home or cook it yourself on a gas bottle or campfire instead of eating at the places you meet along the route.

Meeting new people

Meeting new people

Kayaking is a great way to strengthen bonds with people you already know. That’s why kayaking trips are often organized by families, groups of friends, or work trips. But it also allows you to meet new and interesting people. Let’s say you decide to join an unfamiliar group, such as a kayaking trip organized by professionals. You can even meet new people on the river or during a stopover. Who knows, maybe it will be a long acquaintance, and years later you will continue to experience unforgettable kayaking trips together?

You kayak once, you’ll want more

It sounds corny, but it’s true! Kayaking is a fun activity with so many benefits that it’s easy to get carried away. As you gain experience, you will develop a taste for more challenging and longer routes. As you can see, kayaking is a great way to be active. It has many advantages and is affordable for any budget. It is worth at least once to try this type of outdoor activity – perhaps you will realize that this is what you like.

Max Richardson

Hey, I'm Max. I am a writer living in the USA in New York City. I love sports and kayaking. I love to fish and go down the rivers. I have a personal blog about kayaking and fishing

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