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4 Awesome Shapes for Custom Packaging Boxes

4 Awesome Shapes for Custom Packaging Boxes Due to rapid growth of marketing, customized packaging the need of the hour.

Shapes of packaging boxes play a key role in making products attractive, fresh and durable. They must be sturdy, eco-friendly

and enticing which add beauty to their features. The most effective and ideal packaging should be fit to task, cost-effective,

sustainable and alluring. These days Eco friendly products are the first choice of clients and recyclable and natural materials are

the best solution for packaging purposes. Packaging is ideal for many reasons which are described below. Protection of product Safety

of the product (seal, locking etc.) Protection from moisture & temperature. Conveying detail information about product. Ingredients, manufacture, expiry, bar

code etc. Packaging plays a major role in sale of product because its quality helps in making and boosting of

brand. As people get attracted to that item which has aesthetic appeal and a premium look. There is great variety

of shapes for these packaging. Top 4 Most stunning and stylish shapes of customized packaging that can boost sale are

enlisted below. Petal-top Boxes Petal-top shape boxes are actually purely customized packaging which make them quite alluring and Sturdy. They

are ideal for gift boxes as they look luxurious and attract customers at first sight. This shape is really amazing

and it imparts quality to your product. Petal-top packaging boxes are very beautiful and made up with durable and eco-friendly

material like Kraft, cardboard and others. These boxes are ideal for bakery and cosmetics items as aesthetic appearance is very

crucial for packaging of cosmetics and bakery products. Petal-top boxes have come in variety of sizes and basic shapes just

as they may be hexagonal, cube or any shape but at the top, petal shape is made which makes them

quite alluring and rich in outlook showing high quality of product inside. People get attracted to fancy things so this

shape of packaging has a positive effect on customer and they love to buy them as they look like a

fanciful item and people feel great to buy alluring products. Excellent designing and modern printing with stylish embellishing ads on

like Foiling, Spot UV, gold foiling, and many other finishing effects make petal-top the best choice for any customized packaging

whatever is your nature of product or business. Gable-shaped Boxes: Among customized packaging, gable shape is stylish most and it

shows rich blend of quality. A gable box is type of container having square base and triangular or pyramid top.

It often comes with handle. Gable boxes are mostly used for food or party favors. The most common seen gable

box is the famous “Dunkin Donuts Box.” It is square in base and made of cardboard with a triangular shaped

top. It also looks like a handle. Gable boxes are made with durable Kraft or cardboard. They provide protection to

the product inside from damage and external factors. They add different stunning outlook to packaging which is quite helpful in

brand recognition and outdoing competitors. Gable boxes are made more stunning with stylish designing and use of ads-on & embellishments

like Gold foiling, stamping, lamination, Spot UV, window-inserts and other remarkable feature to make them best fit for ideal packaging

of almost all items and this shape is really fantastic and sturdy to boost your brand and outfox your competitors


feature and luxurious look. Octagonal Boxes Octagonal box is the latest, unique and fun way of custom packaging items. This

specific packaging box comprises of an octagonal-shaped box generally made with sturdy cardboard. It is mostly provided with a coated

liner which provides protection against moisture and physical damage to the product.  This box looks like an octagon geometry figure

when seen from top, it has eight sides and corners. There are many varieties of this box shape to create

innovative design packaging boxes which make them quite fascinating and durable. All these features add up quality of packaging and

this can have positive effect on branding and competing with others in the market. Even unique and different in shape,

these boxes are just handy and easy to assemble. They provide sturdiness and take less space within special items. But

at the same time they give a fun and stylish option of packaging products. The corners of these boxes are

made strong with fine creasing and special die-cut techniques which make the packaging especially strong enough to make product, which

makes stacking of products quite easy in them.

and durable materials like Kraft or rigid stock. Foil stamping and lamination add beauty to its look. Trapezoid Boxes Trapezoid

boxes are unique and stylish in look and they are latest and trendy style of packaging for luxurious gift items

these days. These boxes look like trapezium in shape and are very attractive.

high-end products most commonly for edible gift items. They bring out premium look to the packaging and serve multi-purpose. They

protect the product from damage and ensure safe delivery of product. These boxes are very alluring and with the use

of modern printing and latest innovative designing, these packaging become stunning. Various stylish finishing effects of lamination, gold/silver foiling, UV

Lamination and use of striking rich color-pattern make these packaging boxes ideal for branding. They are latest in trend and

show high quality of packaging. All these features make them ideally fit for all sorts of items where premium and

Trapezoid boxes may be customized in multiple ranges of size & style and fulfil the requisites

 of marketing. To introduce some start-up business, an enticing and durable packaging box is indispensable. Trapezoid boxes come up to

the standard of customized packaging and enhance the alluring appeal of product and they lead to the brand identity too.

Conclusion regarding shapes for effective branding It has become vivid now that an alluring and durable packaging box is the

need of every product regardless of its nature. Various different and geometrical shaped packaging boxes are getting popular these days

as they enhance quality and boost up brand in general. People first deal with outlook of the product hence alluring

and luxurious packaging plays the most important role in branding anything. People take fancy to buy nicely packaged product as

it seems to be rich in quality too. So the above discussed fanciful new shapes of packaging boxes make them





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