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5 Things to Consider before Purchasing LED lights

Tips To Remember Before Purchasing LED lights

We have seen a paradigm shift into lighting solutions all across the world in recent years. Millions of people have adopted the use of LED lighting, and for good reasons. LED is proclaimed as the future of advanced lighting. If you still haven’t switched to LED lights yet, now is the time to do so. From smart homes to working spaces, LED is an optimal solution to all your lighting needs.

LED is highly energy-efficient and durable, serving your needs for a long time. Incandescent bulbs cannot be compared to the technologically advanced LED lights which are available in the markets today. Available in warmer hues and different shades, even though being expensive than conventional bulbs, they prove to be more economical in the longer run. LED bulbs are available in various shapes, sizes, and brightness levels. We will now look at the things one needs to keep in mind while purchasing such bulbs.

Things to consider before purchasing LED lights:

• Colour of the LED:

Incandescent bulbs are known for their bright yellowish hues, whereas LED lights are available in different shades and different levels of brightness. Often the harsh white bright lights of incandescent bulbs trouble and irritate the user. LED lights are your saving grace. From purple to red, there is a whole spectrum of colours available for you to choose from.

When buying for personal use in your homes, you would preferably like to choose warmer hues of the colour white such as soft white or even warm white. The colour of the lights should be chosen as per the particular area of the house it’s going to be placed in and the mood it is supposed to have. Modern LED lights even have an option to switch colours by turning the switch on and off; the switch acts as a dial for you to change colours. The temperature of the light is determined by its position on the kelvin scale. Make sure to go through the packaging and check the light’s standing on the kelvin scale.

• Economical option:

When compared to the price of a single incandescent bulb, the cost of a LED bulb is much higher, and it might scare you off, believing it’s unnecessarily expensive. The energy savings of a LED bulb is, on average, at least 50% less when compared to the same incandescent bulb, which makes them more cost-effective in the long run of things. Less heat production by the bulb and prolonged lifetime are some of the salient features of the LED bulbs.
Furthermore, thanking the new technological advancements, the prices of LED lights had decreased considerably when put in comparison to the prices when they first came out.

• Lumens and not Watts:

Incandescent use Watts to determine the output level of their bulbs, whereas, in the case of a LED, it’s the lumen. As CFL bulbs have been around for a long time, we have gotten used to using Watts as a measurement tool. All of us know what Watt bulb we need to buy from the store. For example, a 60-Watt bulb is enough to provide illumination to a single room. Watts is not a good measurement scale for LEDs, so a new scale has been introduced, which is called the lumen. For reference, a 60-watt CFL bulb can be compared to an 800 Lumen LED light.

• Dimmers:

Dimmers are an excellent tool to change the mood of any room, depending on the situation you are in. Some of the LED bulbs are not compatible with dimmers and can even cause flickering or even buzzing in some cases. It’s vital to make sure that the LED light you are about to buy is compatible with a dimmer. If dimming is an absolute need in your house, you might want to buy smart lights instead.

• Shape and sizes:

Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lights are available in different shapes. Each shape provides a unique spatial lighting use. Choosing the right shape which fits the aesthetic of the general surroundings is crucial when deciding what type of LED lights you want to buy. LED bulbs are usually available in shapes such as spirals, conical, globes, floodlights, et.

LED lights are the future of all lighting in the modern world and are continuing to prove their worth every day. They are here to stay for a long time. Enhancing the interior and exterior of your homes and working places, these lights have numerous benefits to them, such as low maintenance and durability. They are lighter on your pocket in the longer scheme of things and offer you a variety of options to choose from. Investing in LED bulbs is a smart decision for you and your surroundings, so what’s stopping you from switching to them if you haven’t already done it.

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