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7 web design trends for 2021

If you want to be up to date on the latest trends in design, user experience and improve your website, discover what the 7 web design trends for 2021 are.

1. Super minimalist navigation

Web design trends for 2021 suggest that web design will be very minimalist. How can we achieve this? Linear format, clean graphic design, clear screens, clear colors.

The key is to not fill your site with unnecessary elements. The fewer the number, the better. That way, users can focus on the really important content on your site.

2. Mobile design as one of the web design trends for 2021

Being one of the most use devices by users, it is important to think about web design for mobile phones, before starting with the development of the website.

It is not enough for the website to have a responsive web design , it is more important to make the user feel comfortable, preventing them from scrolling so much to get to the information they need. They are very useful details in these design trends.

3. The animations

Although it is not something new in web design, it will continue to be one of the web design trends for 2021. The movements of the elements generate a very pleasant interaction for the website visitors.

The old gifs were replace by animations in CCS, SVG or Javascript code, which notably improve user attention and at the same time do not affect the loading speed of web pages.

4. The power of fonts

The style of the typography is an essential element within the trends in design. By playing with asymmetric designs in the letters of the web pages, it is possible to highlight titles, messages and CTAs of interest to users.

A typeface with great acceptance in graphic design and that will therefore continue among the web design trends for 2021 is San serif. It is simple, without much adornment and perfect for working with large blocks of text.

5. Loading speed

It has been proven that 55% of users who enter a website with a load greater than 3 seconds, make the decision to leave it.

At this point, no design, color or text can change your mind. That’s why it’s one of the  trends of 2021 that will never go out of fashion.

On the other hand, in digital marketing, web pages with better loading speed tend to be position easier, since they please users and search engines.

6. Floating elements and layers

They are two highly value elements in design trends, because they generate a 3D effect with a unique appeal.

The trick is to add softness to the shadows of the layers work in the graphic design of the website. It is something that at first glance manages to capture the user’s attention, and keep them interest in the web page.

7. The power of menus

The use of menus continues and will continue to be taken as trends in design. The simpler the user journey is propose within the web pages, the greater the acceptance it will have.

To comply with this other trend, it will be necessary to structure the entire website menu well, reducing the number of clicks that the user has to make to access the content.

Trends in web design are very present at WDCL Digital, since we are interest in being able to please our clients and offer them the best in web page development.

We work on each web project in a personalize way, with the aim of applying the best custom design trends.

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