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Useful tips for operating and installing compressors

The relevance of using the compressor is observe in the workshop, and in the country, and in the workshop, and even at home. Such equipment is use not only by workers, but also by people of creative professions. The purchase of such a unit does not have to be accompanies by long shopping trips, since the Sea of ​​Tools online store has everything you need. If necessary, managers will answer all your questions regarding the specific model you have chosen, as well as the delivery time.

You will receive your order in a protective box, it is advisable to keep it after unpacking until the compressor warranty expires. The unit can be securely package if require to be transport to a service center or other work site. Consider the recommendations for the further operation of the equipment and its installation.

Receiving and installing equipment

After receiving the compressor , inspect it in the presence of the courier to make sure that there is no external damage – chips, dents or scratches on the receiver. In the absence of such and if the receiver is weld exactly, the courier can be release. To install the compressor, correctly size the equipment from the nearest obstacle to the ventilation grill, it should be 50 cm or more so that the air can circulate freely. A forklift can be use to move the machine if its weight is too heavy.

The fewer the requirements for operation, the more thorough work to prepare the workplace will need to be carry out. The surface must be completely flat, without slopes or holes. If there is an inclination of more than 15 degrees, there is a risk of damage, and full-fledge work will be impossible at all. The room where the equipment is operating must be ventilate on a regular basis, otherwise dust will accumulate in the corners and get into the device.

The distance between the pneumatic tool and the compressor must be at least three meters. It is not necessary to measure the distance with a tape measure; if, when working with a spray gun, paint splashes fall on the compressor unit, the distance must be increase. It is imperative to use special brackets when transporting or even simply moving equipment from place to place.

Readiness to work test

Before starting work, all equipment elements must be check for operability. Check the oil level through a special oil sump glass or a special dipstick. The compressor will not work or it will jam if the oil level is at the minimum mark. It is also not necessary to fill the container too much with oil, otherwise it will fall into the air lines.

Find out in advance at what voltage parameters your unit will operate. Connect the compressor to the mains through the socket, the switch should be on the “ON / ON” indicator. If it is off, turn the switch and pull it up. The unit should run for ten minutes, while the outlet valve should be open as much as possible. Close the tap and wait until the receiver is completely fill with air. When the air reaches the maximum level, the compressor will turn off. Even in extreme cases, you should not maliciously pull the plug from the outlet when turning off. Always use a pressure switch.


Non-stop operation of the Metabo screw compressor is possible, but reciprocating models must operate according to the on and off mode. If you see the data S3-30 or S3 = 30% in the list of technical parameters, then every 3 minutes of compressor operation, it must be turn off for minutes, otherwise the engine will soon overheat. If you nevertheless allow the motor to overheat, the thermal protection is activate. As soon as the engine has cool down, the compressor will automatically start working again. The unit will turn off and on in automatic mode if there is an emergency or power surges in the power grid.

Remember always about safety measures – use gloves and goggles. Please note that some parts of the compressor may become very hot during operation. Use a respirator mask when working with a spray gun. The shoes you wear should be comfortable and non-slip. Always use protective ear muffs as the compressor noise is too high during operation.

It is strictly forbidden to:

  • touch the equipment with wet hands;
  • start work without carefully reading the instruction manual;
  • use unclean pre-compress air in the food industry and dentistry;
  • use the compressor for filling scuba cylinders and for other purposes not for its intend purpose;
  • it is forbidden to weld the receiver or repair the equipment on its own; the tank should be completely replace if there are defects or signs of corrosion processes;
  • leave the compressor without a canopy if the work is carry out outdoors, otherwise full-fledge work may be disrupt due to precipitation.

Only qualify professionals should repair and service compressors.

Repair and maintenance of devices

Constant attention to the compressor is not require, but its maintenance should not be completely ignore.

  • The main point is to change the oil for the first time after 50-100 hours of operation. Each subsequent replacement must be carry out every 300 hours of operation. If the oil has change color, it must be replace early: if there is water in the oil, the color will be whitish, and if the oil overheats, it will be dark.
  • Periodically rinse the sponge install in the housing as an oil filter in warm soapy water. Next, this filter should be dried and soak in oil, and then put back in place.
  • The locking of the valve cover must be check, pay particular attention to this point before the first hours of operation and after the first operation.
  • Condensation must be remove from the receiver after each operation. Even if the unit was in operation for only an hour and condensation probably did not form, it is still necessary to carry out this operation.
  • Periodic cleaning of the compressor is imperative, since the fan does not receive completely clean air, therefore the fan blades and radiator grilles become dirty. Solvents and other flammable cleaning agents are prohibited. Soak a rag in warm water – that should be enough.
  • If you have little experience in using compressor units, if you need to clean it, it is better to contact reliable specialists – they use high pressure for cleaning.
  • The Intertool compressor itself can also be use for cleaning by simply plugging in a blow gun and setting the correct pressure to avoid damage to the inside of the housing.


Any equipment can significantly extend its operational life if all precautions and requirements are follow, and the compressor is no exception. Any maintenance work can only be start when there is no air in the receiver and when the unit is disconnect from the mains.

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