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Health and Fitness

9 Tested Tips to Improve Your Wellbeing and Quality of Life

Your quality of life is determine by your daily activities and habits recommend by your internal medicine physician in Michigan. Though wellbeing is a subjective term, it is typically used to signify feeling content and functioning well. Factors such as positive emotions, personal development, a sense of purpose, and better control of one’s life contribute to wellbeing. Greater wellbeing means a higher quality of life overall, and sustainability within this domain is instrumental in longevity.

Sustained wellbeing and quality of life not only allows individuals to thrive but also equates to a society’s survival. A community that reports happier and healthier individuals often exhibits stronger economies, safer living conditions, and higher rates of innovation. However, all of this starts with the individual’s mindset which is heavily influence by their mental health. In fact, World Health Organization traces the state of wellbeing back to a positive mindset. However, a positive mental state goes beyond an absence of mental illnesses. It is a holistic behavior pattern that delivers long term results through consistency.

Wellbeing encompasses professional, interpersonal, and personal layers of an individual’s life. An individual ranking higher on the wellbeing spectrum exhibits better productivity in the workplace, more effective leaning, active social life, and longer lasting happy relationships. In fact, several studies have suggested that future wellbeing often starts in childhood. Children who experienced a supportive home life go on to cultivate a well-rounded quality of life. All of this accumulated results in a stronger economy that, in a cyclical sense, sets the stage for higher quality of life.

However, how do we as individuals craft an idyllic life that rewards us over the course of our lives? How do we get that rewarding job, a sense of direction, and blissful personal life?

The best part about cultivating wellbeing is that a lot of it is in our control. In fact, science has contrived a list of tested tips that could significantly alter your life for the better.

The best part about all of this is that you can start whenever you want!

Be mindful of your sleep patterns

Despite sleep being the basic step towards better physical and mental wellbeing, very few people systemize it for healthy longevity. Our body needs proper rest to heal and renew, mentally and physically. This allows us to replenish our energy for the day ahead. However, it is not only our daily routine that gets affected by sleep, but also the quality of our long-term functions that are altered. Typically, an adult will need 6 to 7 hours of sleep to recuperate.

You can also try a meditation app such as Headspace, Sleep Cycle, Calm, etc. to help cancel out unnecessary mental distractions. You can devise an entire routine that slowly helps your mind and body descend into a state of relaxation. Refraining from using your phone, reading a book, meditating, drinking soothing beverages like chamomile tea can help your night routine significantly.

Keep track of your nutrition

We often underestimate how important nutrition is for our health. There are certain essential nutrients, some vitamins and minerals, that our body needs, to function. A lack in any one of the nutrients can magnanimously alter our physical and mental health, for the worst. Items like fruits, vegetable, grains, poultry, meat, and dairy are sources of necessary nourishments.

However, we have to be cognizant of what we put in our body as well. If there are sources of good nutrients there are also foodstuffs absolutely dreadful for your health. Saturated fats, sugar, sodium are some food elements that can be absolutely abhorrent to your health. Hence, health practitioners emphatically suggest your consumer food high in fiber, protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, etc.

You are probably not getting enough sunlight

Sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D. This helps in regulating the amount of calcium and phosphate present in your body. These elements keep your bones, teeth, and muscles healthy. A vitamin D deficiency can lead to mental and physical issues such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and bone. Exposing your body to sunlight also causes it to release endorphins that amp up brain functioning.

This is why so many healthcare professionals make exposure to sunlight a significant part of health restoration and sustenance.  However, it is important to lather on sunblock to prevent dermal damage.

Have a de-stressing routine

Researchers and healthcare professionals vehemently warn against the damage stress can do. It as been discovered to pose long term danger to our mental and physical wellbeing. Issues like high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, ulcers, heart disease are all linked to mismanagement of stress. Luckily, we have several de-stressing instruments at our behest to take advantage of.  Activities like meditation, breathing exercises, workouts, and hobbies are great de-stressors that deliver considerable results in a short span of time

Make sure to your daily dose of exercise

Strenuous physical activity helps improve your body’s blood flow. The increased blood flow causes individuals to feel more energetic, and better mental clarity. Our body was not meant to remain sedentary, hence you need to set out a workout routine if your life revolves around sitting for several hours. You don’t need to join gyms or buy tools; you can just go for a 30 minute walk every day. The important part of all of this is to make exercising a daily habit.

Stay away from poor health practices

While there are healthy habits like good diet, exercise, and good sleep, there are activities that can hurt us too. Indulging in smoking and alcohol consumption can significantly damage not only your bids for better health, but your current physical condition as well. It typically stems from a worsening mental health that only gets exacerbated by these poison inducing activities.

Cultivate a fulfilling social life

Not only do isolation and lack of communication affect your mental health, but they negatively alter your physical wellbeing as well. Loneliness has long since been linked to depression, anxiety, and other possibly long-term biological illnesses. This is why researchers consistently recommend individuals develop an active social life.

Connecting with ones loved ones and meeting new people can significantly lower stress levels. Forming social associations is part of our basic instincts, and to not indulge it would be going against our biology.

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Be more mindful rather than occupied

Being mindful is being aware of the present moment and every sensation transpiring in the moment. Mindfulness is often easy and completely free of cost. You can do it anywhere, and at any time. In fact, it has also been report to help individuals in drifting off to sleep. All you need to do is be fully engage in the present moment, and catch yourself every time you deviate into your thoughts.

Routine therapy has several benefits

We all have things that we need to work through. Our psychology plays a big role in our quality of life. It significantly influences how we form relationships, nourish our career, and take care of ourselves. Often, we remain unaware of what parts of our subconscious influence the decisions we make. Having a professional comb through these factors and help us work through can help us greatly.

Though wellbeing is pretty subjective, there are certain things that are tried and test for results. as easy as the aforementioned practices seem they are tough to maneuver. Hence, we suggest you get a professional to help you work through them and incorporate them in your life thoroughly.

Bilal Ahmed Siddiqui

Bilal is a competent Digital Marketer and Content Producer who has managed to establish himself as a valuable employee wherever he has set camp. His skills have always played a profitable role in various projects, as he has consistently dedicated himself to learning and improving.

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