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9 Traditional Marketing Techniques That Still Works

As the world changes, so do marketing. In response to this constant evolution, some things that worked in the past are now considered outdated.

The fact is, popularity isn’t tied to results, as marketers know all too well. In spite of not being trendy anymore, some supposedly dated methodologies still work well. In many of these departments, traditional marketing techniques have been used to great success. It has been very successful to use traditional marketing techniques in many of these departments. Marketing techniques developed in the past are still effective today as when they were invented.

1. Establishing Relationships

The only thing that can replace a personal connection with your customers is marketing automation software, no matter how innovative. The best way to build a long-lasting, seks hikaye highly-valuable relationship and grow your business isn’t to send emails instead of picking up the phone, host in-person meetings, and foster a genuine interest in your customers’ feedback.

2. Marketing via Word-of-Mouth

The word-of-mouth marketing technique has remained true for centuries. It can be used and benefited by almost any business.

Over 70% of consumers say they trust recommendations from their friends and family over branded content, according to Nielsen. Influencer marketing uses digital tactics to leverage word-of-mouth marketing.

3. Making Cold Calls

You can still call cold. A tool like LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help you identify prospects who fit your ideal client profile when you build a demographic profile. Once you identify them, you can call them. The prospect might have to wade through 150 emails that day, but the 150 voicemails you leave can result in better results.

4. Sending Direct Mail

Marketing through direct mail can be very effective. The success of direct mail marketing was still on the record and study shows it to be a great success. Personalized direct mail offers a high return on investment. Digital marketing combined with direct mail can drastically increase results. Since you can choose from so many formats, you’re sure to stand out. Direct mail marketing is a must! 

5. Branding With Logo

Your customers will not purchase from you if they don’t have brand recognition. Don’t let them leave with their purchases but without anything branded.

Minimal logo design

The marketing you do for them can be as simple as giving them a bag with your logo on it or giving them a product with your logo on it — a little free promotion never hurts. Try to put the modern minimalist logo design on your product and represent your brand in a unique way.

6. Retargeting with Postcards

Using an “old-school” technique and making it relevant again is one of the coolest new marketing methods that is widely overlooked. In addition to postcards being old-fashioned, you can now send postcards to residential consumers using modern retargeting methods while they are on your website. Mailings are experiencing a resurgence thanks to postcard retargeting.

7. Freebies and Discounts

Free is always a powerful force. A free or reduced-price offer is what drives trial today, in the age of digital content and influencer marketing. FSI (Free Standing Insert) and direct mail are still old-school forms of marketing. FSIs with a clear call-to-action will continue to generate the same redemption numbers as in 20 years past.


8. Getting in Touch with Bloggers and Journalists

Though it may seem simple, providing bloggers and journalists in your niche with relevant content converts. The key is to provide them with unquestionably valuable services without expecting anything in return – they will provide value back to you over time. Creating exclusive content that they can use is one way to accomplish this. 

9. Presenting live, Streaming videos, or Attending Trade Shows

Trade shows are still relevant and people still attend in mass. In that context, video and live presentations still garner attention and serve as an effective marketing tool. This approach has worked for decades and continues to be effective.


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