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The Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Watch

Are you looking to buy a watch? There are a lot of options and it can be difficult to choose. I’ve reviewed a few watches for this website which has helped me in evaluating new products. This knowledge puts me in a unique position to provide you with this watch buying guide. I may not be an expert, but I can share my experiences with you and hopefully help make your decision easier.

The biggest difference between quartz and mechanical watches is the movement, or mechanism, that keeps time. Quartz movements are powered by batteries and are generally less expensive than mechanical ones. Mechanical watches tend to be more expensive, but they are considered more classic and are preferred by some watch enthusiasts.

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Type of Movement

The quartz watch movement relies on a battery to generate an electrical impulse that triggers the second hand to move forward in small increments. The battery also powers the digital display of time on the watch face. This technology is much more precise and accurate than any other mechanism used to keep time. Quartz movements are less expensive because they’re mass-produced and require very little, or no, maintenance over time.

Mechanical watches use mainspring energy from a wound spring that’s stored in a barrel called a “stack.” The energy from this spring drives gears that keep the watch running. A mechanical watch’s precision is dependent on its movement design, materials and quality of workmanship. To adjust for daily variations in temperature and other factors, some mechanical watches have adjustable parts called regulators that allow you to customize the way your watch moves as it keeps time. These watches may require routine maintenance over their lifetime. 

Case and Case Back

The case and case back are the metal parts of a watch that protect everything else from damage. It’s important to know these parts so that you can identify a counterfeit watch or an authentic one. Case is easy to spot because it has the dial and all its features on top of it. The case back is usually sturdier because it protects all the inner workings of the watch. The case back is also harder to open since it has a special screwdriver for opening and closing it.

There are different kinds of metal use in making cases and casings, but they can be identified by the brand or designer’s name inscribed on them. Some metal cases are made up of stainless steel, titanium or gold. There are some cases made up of precious metals, like platinum and silver, which are considered luxury watches.

Watch Crystal

Watch crystals are made from synthetic sapphire, which is created by bonding aluminum oxide with carbon. The crystal features a combination of durability, heat resistance and luminosity. To ensure that the watch crystal remains intact and has a long service life, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning the watch crystal to prevent it from being scratched or chipped.

The first step in cleaning a watch crystal is to avoid using chemicals for cleaning. The best way to clean a watch crystal is to use a soft cloth or a microfiber cloth to wipe away dirt, dust and grime from the surface of the crystal. This can be done without any chemicals. If you have accidentally dropped your watch and have caused any damage to the watch crystal, then you are advised to immediately get it cleaned by a professional gemologist who will know exactly how to clean it.

Functions or Complications

When deciding on a watch, you need to consider what kind of watch you want. There are mainly two types of watches: chronograph and non-chronograph. A chronograph is a stopwatch and a date display added to a watch. A non-chronograph doesn’t have these functions.

Telling the time can be done in several ways. The most common way is using hour markers. But, there are other ways to tell the time such as using a sub dial or an aperture that displays the hours, minutes and seconds at once.

Strap or Bracelet

There are two types of watch straps- Bracelet & Strap. The first one, Bracelet is the more popular type of both men and women watches. It’s more elegant, classy and luxurious. It looks more formal. It’s made from high quality leather or stainless steel. Also, it’s easier to change the strap than the bracelet, if you decide that you don’t like this watch anymore or you want something different for a change.

The second type is a Strap. It looks sporty and casual. Usually men prefer this type of strap, because it looks manly and it doesn’t look tacky at all. The only disadvantage of a Strap is that it’s hard to change the strap as well as the Bracelet making it impossible to change your watch style whenever you want to.

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