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All you need to know about Rajdhani Matka

What is Rajdhani matka?

Rajdhani matka is one of the best game that you can play if you want to win big. The name rajdhani means the capital in Hindi. For old satta players, they would have known that earlier it was called Rajdhani Satta which has gained its popularity over years. It is a very popular game and many people love to play it because of its simplicity and easy money earning nature. It is played by choosing a number from 1-9 or Q and then selecting three more numbers for your bet. You will get two out of three winning numbers with a single ticket. This game has become so popular that now even online sites offer live updates on Rajdhani matka so that people don’t miss out on any update related to their favorite numbers.

Have you played Rajdhani Matka? Do you know about the game? If not, then you’re missing out on one of the most exciting gaming experiences online today. Here’s everything you need to know about this amazing game and how to play it safely and easily online, where we help you win the game!

Who is making it possible?

Nowadays, we can see that every individual is busy in earning money for his/her family, therefore at night no one has time to go for betting. A new way of betting came into being and it is known as online Betting. Here all information is available online and you can easily access your result whenever it comes out. This method brings a lot of relief in people’s life because they can earn money by sitting at home rather than wasting their time by going out. People can now enjoy with their family and still make money. Online betting is getting popular day by day due to its convenience. It is also beneficial for those who want to earn extra income on weekends or holidays when there are no jobs around them. People are now coming up with innovative ideas which give them an opportunity to earn more through online betting.

When will be game open?

The game will be open at 8 pm on Sunday. On Monday and Tuesday as per rule game will remain close but again it will open on wednesday so if want to try your luck then please wait till Wednesday. When you see that game is closed on Monday and Tuesday don’t panic and go straight away in Wednesday. But beware of false close because fraudsters are trying their best to cheat people. So before going for any session do check with our website. We have a separate page for every chart which provide live update. So keep visiting our website matkacenter .com . You can also follow us on facebook and twitter for regular updates.

Will there be any lottery ticket draw?

No, there is no lottery ticket draw in rajdhani matka, there will be live draw of winning numbers. The payout percentages are 100% and if any player wins he or she will get double payout from rajdhani matka. This game is same as kalyan matka but with different name and different prizes so check all about online rajdhani lottery results here at There are other games also like delhi satta bazar, Sridevi matka, Mumbai matka and others. Check out our website for more information on other games also. So do visit our website regularly for latest updates on lotteries that we provide.

How to play?

In India, there are four versions of matka. They are Kalyan (Central Zone), Nagpur (East Zone), Mumbai (Western Zone) and Delhi (Northern Zone). The first number of digits in a lottery number represents which zone it belongs to. So if I have a six-digit number, say 2345 then 23 represents Kalyan zone and 45 stands for Delhi zone. It is obvious that higher numbers imply smaller probability of winning as there are fewer combinations for high numbers. For example, since there are only 4 combinations for 8 digit combination (i.e., 8x8x8x8x8x8) compared to 6 digit combination (i.e., 6x6x6x6), so obviously chances of winning are less than 6 digit combination where there are total 60 possible combinations i.e., 6*6*6*6*6*6 = 720 . On other hand, lower numbers represent more probability of winning because they offer more possible combinations.

How much money should we deposit?

You should deposit maximum Rs. 1500 per game; but don’t start with that amount, instead try to invest smaller amounts until you get a hang of how things work. If possible try investing a fixed amount for each game and stick with it. The bottom line is: don’t bet more than what you can afford to lose! How many games should we play?: That depends on your budget, if you have limited funds then try playing 1-2 games at first. Once you win some money, increase your budget and play more games. On average people win 4-5 times in a month (Rs.

How much can we earn by playing this game?

Playing matka is a great way to make money. Those who do not have experience in it may think that they cannot earn much by playing but in fact, there are many people who can earn thousands of rupees in just one day. It all depends on luck and how well you play. The more winning streaks you get, better your chances of winning jackpots will be.

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