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Best Amazon Optimization tips for 2022

To increase your Amazon rank To improve your Amazon product ranking, you must tweak your listings according to Amazon rules and regulations.

In addition to the Covid-outbreak of 2020, online marketplaces and platforms have witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of customers and consequently, sellers.

Amazon is the only company to have attracted more than 200 million brand new Prime customers and has hired more than half a million people to keep up with the growing demand.

Making yourself stand out in an overcrowded, competitive and crowded market is becoming more difficult.

Amazon and other marketplaces, is facilitated by an algorithm that puts advertisements on various page results in accordance with a set of parameters.

Tip 1: Respect the house rules

It’s true it’s here that the majority of people fall short. If you’re just starting out and you’re a new seller, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind when you first begin your journey as an Amazon seller: adhere to Amazon’s rules.

You’re an Amazon customer on the marketplace and are one of thousands of others.

It is your responsibility to follow the rules of the house. If you don’t, you’ll be kicked out of the door before you can get started.

Avoiding being exiled (or being shadow banned) can be the very crucial thing you’ll need to know from the start of your journey.

If you are looking to create a solid and long-lasting Amazon business, you need to start with the fundamentals. Other Amazon selling tips aren’t necessary until the moment.

Tip 2: Don’t cheat on reviews

Reviews are a delicate subject that is actually part of the house rules. However, because they’re so crucial, we’ve decided to dedicate a whole section for reviews.

Reviews are the primary ranking factor for a product. So one of your primary goals is to gather as numerous positive (and authentic) reviews as you can.

However, be aware that because they’re crucial, Amazon is extremely vigilant in its reviews.

Reviews on the internet are the most important factor in customer trust and purchasing decision making. The growth of eCommerce is largely due to the review system, which shouldn’t be altered in any way.

How to deal with reviews on Amazon?

If you are on Amazon, you must not solicit reviews. The entire review process is controlled by Amazon with its own internal review system.

It means that you must never request reviews from your customers. an opinion via:

  • In writing them an email
  • Inserting a review request into the package
  • Giving money back
  • Offer of the free product or accessory in exchange for reviews

What is the Amazon Vine Program?

There’s a different way to receive reviews from customers who have chosen to do so. It’s known as the Amazon Vine Program

Through this program, qualified reviewers will receive an item from your store and then write an honest and authentic review about the product.

It is extremely beneficial for instance, to build trust with your customers when you are selling a product that isn’t reviewed yet.

Tip 3: Learn how to price your items

The majority of people believe that Amazon is successful due to the fact that it offers the lowest prices. 

That’s an incredibly common misconception. Amazon isn’t the only one with the lowest costs (at the very least at present, but not forever) Many sites of sellers offer identical products at cheaper prices.

It’s not just the price: Amazon has so many customers due to the fact that they feel secure purchasing from Amazon. The sense of security encompasses various areas:

  • Shipping The delivery time is very short, and the delivery times are always on time.
  • Returns are generally welcomed by Amazon. It is not just limited to defective or damaged items. It is possible to use a mobile for two weeks, and then return it if you weren’t satisfied with it. Additionally, It will even send the courier to your residence to collect the package!
  • Scamming It’s not possible to get fraudulently scammed by Amazon. This is a common fact. Even if you didn’t, Amazon is going to reimburse you, without asking any questions.
  • Payments Your credit card details are secure (thanks the security of Amazon Pay) and you aren’t required to divulge the details of your credit card with unknown websites.

Tip 4: Draw customers to your eCommerce website

If you’re using the option of an eCommerce site (for instance, WooCommerce) you must get the maximum number of customers from Amazon and on your site.

There are many reasons:

  1. Your website lets you set yourself the rules including reviews, pricing discounts, promotions, customer support, shipping times It’s yours to decide.
  2. The earnings are all yours and you don’t have to part any of your earnings with Amazon. This means that there are no selling costs and no FBA charges.
  3. You can create a relationship with your customers by offering assistance directly, contact customers via email, create follow-up plans, and establish an ongoing, strong relationship.

Tip 5: Use Amazon’s advertising

It’s a common problem regardless of the platform: organic search results are no longer relevant. Particularly on Amazon and other platforms, the algorithm will ignore sellers and products that aren’t boosted regularly.

Utilizing Amazon’s Adv will allow you to get noticed higher and quicker. Be aware of this when creating an account for the first time, or launching new products to the marketplace.

How to seasonally manage your ads

Since a successful advertisement can bring people to your website but remember that there are certain times that you should be able to increase your budget:

  • Thanksgiving and Black Friday
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • …and other months depending on the season of your products

Tip 6: Join every program you can

The most crucial aspect to be aware of is that you’re only receiving one invitation to join the Amazon particular program. If you do not receive it, you’ll not be able to join the program in the future.

Amazon programs are vital for gaining a competitive advantage and help you sell more product’s visibility. Here’s a list of the most popular:

  • A+ Content
  • Made in Italy
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime
  • Amazon Vine: gets your products authentic reviews
  • Amazon Renewed sells high-quality new items (refurbished and used)
  • FBA Join and save customers get regular deliveries of their items at a discounted price
  • Amazon Handmade: sell your hand-crafted products via an account you create


Amazon is known for changing their rules constantly. So, make sure you read every email you receive even if you think that it’s not important to you.

In the beginning, it is helpful to be the first testing new programs and upgraded features. In addition, you’ll be less likely to risk not receiving important information, such as changes to house rules or categories.

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