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How to Remove Duplicate Items in Microsoft Outlook? – Know the Ultimate Solution

You are moving items in Microsoft Outlook but did not recognize that the duplicate detection option is turned off due to which Outlook skips the duplicate items. However, when you move all data items, you cannot remove duplicate items easily. Here, in this statement “you cannot remove duplicate items easily.”, it means yes, you can remove the duplicate items, but not easily.

In order to know the procedure on how to remove duplicate items in Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2019, or other versions, continue reading the blog below.

Instant Solution

For a quick and simple solution, try some third-party tool like Outlook Duplicate Item Remover and remove duplicate items from your Outlook PST mailboxes.

Issues Related to Duplicate Emails in Outlook

If your Outlook inbox is filled with unnecessary emails, then you might face PST corruption issue.
Duplicate emails also affect your Outlook application performance. Due to that, you may face lagging, freezing, or hanging issues in the Outlook program.

Hence, to improve the productivity of Outlook and do not want the corruption issue in your PST file again. Because a few minutes back you restored your PST file through the .bak file. Therefore, it is important to delete multiple emails from Microsoft outlook.

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Outlook Duplicates Remover: A Professional Solution

If any of the above solutions do not fix the problem, go for a third-party Outlook Duplicate Remover tool for removing the Outlook duplicates permanently. This tool is developed in such a way that the management of duplicate messages or other duplicate Outlook items will become easy.

This Outlook Duplicates Remover tool will look for and remove duplicate items from your Outlook mailbox. It is one of the best and most proven ways to remove Outlook duplicate items. It offers so many options to look for duplicate messages; for example, you can specify the email field, i.e., subject, to, cc, attachment, etc. The demo version of the software is also there using which you can remove duplicate items. You are allowed to remove 15 items per folder via this free Outlook Duplicates Remover tool.

Now, follow the steps below to remove duplicates in MS Outlook:

  1. Download & Install the Outlook Duplicates Remover application and click on Add File button to add
  2. Now, choose the Duplicate option between Across Folders or Within the folder as per your requirement
  3. Then, choose the destination location to save the duplicate-free PST file on the local machine
  4. After that, choose the categories i.e., emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and journals >> Next
  5. After clicking on the Next button the tool begins the process. Once the process is completed the message ” Duplicate Removed Successfully ” is pop-up click on OK to finish.
  6. Save the export process or duplicate item reports by clicking on the Save Report button in CSV format.

Final Verdict

In this write up we have mentioned one of the best solutions to remove duplicates in Microsoft Outlook. The best part of this software is it provides a free demo version. Which is helpful for users to check the working effeciency.

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