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Best co-op online games

Playing co-op  online games is a great way to spend time together, a good way to test friendships, and the perfect trainer for improving your teamwork skills. For those who are looking for something to play in a company, we have prepared a large selection of the best cooperative games.


One of the best cooperative games, an action adventure that cannot be completed alone: ??you will definitely need a partner to take on the role of a second character. It Takes Two is about a married couple on the verge of divorce, Corey and May, who are turned into dolls. Now they have to overcome many obstacles in order to find a way to become human again, and in the course of the adventure, the heroes will reconsider their relationships and, perhaps, revive forgotten feelings.



In this co-op shooter , players will conquer a distant planet, using superpowers and fighting against marauders and apostates. The game is notable for a large selection of weapons and equipment, extensive upgrade options and dynamic gameplay that requires concentration and ingenuity.


Hardcore RPG action games from FromSoftware are unforgiving. Defeating powerful bosses alone can be very difficult. Therefore, the ability to call on the help of a phantom – the ghost of another player who will fight for you, turns out to be very useful. For this, gamers appreciate the Dark Souls series .


A game set in the fantasy universe of Warhammer (which is not 40,000) invites players to unite and recapture the city of Übersreik from the ratmen – mostly in close combat. Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide captures with dynamic and rich gameplay, impresses with the beauty of locations and pleases with high complexity. In general, a great option for evening team battles.


In Phasmophobia, four players will go to a house with paranormal phenomena, where they will challenge the ghosts that live there. In this horror , all mission participants must work together and constantly communicate with each other. Otherwise they simply cannot survive in the company of aggressive otherworldly creatures. For a deeper immersion in the atmosphere of the game, you can use a VR helmet , but be warned – the degree of fear in this case will reach exorbitant heights!


A fun co-op platform game exclusive to PlayStation consoles that will challenge you to save a cute knitted world from the villain Vex who is intent on taking it over. The game offers to go through a series of missions, complete many tests, enjoy beautiful graphics and good humor.


The sequel returns players to the fantasy universe of Warhammer, where they will have to fight the forces of Chaos using the weapons and abilities of the characters. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is a huge number of levels, hordes of monsters , five heroes with many talents and professions, a large arsenal of weapons and endless battles in very beautiful scenery.


One of the best action-adventure games of 2020 has received a separate online co-op mode in which gamers will take on the role of legendary warriors. And fight the invaders in medieval (with a dash of fantasy) Japan . They are waiting for unique tasks, class abilities, customizable equipment and a combat system honed like a samurai sword


Valheim is a very popular survival sim set in a fantasy world inspired by Norse mythology. The gameplay is familiar to the genre: collecting resources, building and crafting , fighting monsters. But all its components are combine so competently that once you enter the game. You will not be able to tear yourself away from it. Valheim can be played in crazygames online and this opens up new tactical possibilities for gamers.


In this horror best crazygames from the creators of Until Dawn, each player takes control of one of the characters caught on a ship full of mysteries and monsters . The gameplay of Man of Medan is focus on exploring locations and completing QTEs. And in the process of following the storyline, you can lose absolutely all the main characters. This project was the first in the line of The Dark Pictures. Each game from which offers to participate in scary adventures together.

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Wolfenstein: Youngblood is not the best game in the Wolfenstein series . But it’s a great 2-player shooter , with furious shootouts, branching levels, and weird but funny characters. In the role of the Blaskowitz sisters, you have to explore Nazi-occupied Paris in order to find. And save the father of the heroines – the famous BJ Blaskowitz.


The Grounded characters are children who have inexplicably shrunk to the size of bugs. Now they need to survive in the world of insects, and also find a way to become big again. The game contains the usual elements of the survival simulator genre: searching for water and food, collecting resources, crafting weapons and equipment, building shelters, fighting enemies. And all this – in a cooperative network.


A fun physics puzzle where the main characters are robots who must go through a series of levels in order to complete their mission. The game is notable for its addictive controls and the interesting challenges it throws at gamers. And, of course, cute robots that you absolutely don’t want to part with

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