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Mobile app download statistics and usage statistics

With around 6.5 billion users of smartphones, it is no brainer that the apps market is thriving. It is growing steadily though there is a lot more market that can be penetrated. And it can safely be assumed that there will be no slowing down in the next few years.

Apart from that, the number of tablet users is also growing. If you look from your phone, you can examine whether their neck is bent; they are doing something on their smartphone.

An average American checks their phone once every 5 minutes. So, what are they always looking for most of the time are apps? Around 88% of all the time spent on mobile is on apps. 

This is excellent, encouraging news for app developers or apps publishers that the industry is growing for them. But if you want to be successful in this segment, you need to keep two things in mind. One, Users need to download your app and users need to use your app; without this, you cannot expect to make money.

But yes, on this only, you cannot jump in the sea of developers. People are indeed using apps more than ever. But you want to make millions in this budding industry; you need to understand better what kind of apps people are downloading and the current trend in the market, and the scope of Mobile App Developers San Francisco. 

Critical points for mobile app statistics in 2022: 

  • Mobile apps will generate around 935 billion in revenue next year.

  • The iOS app store has 1.9 million apps for download.

  • There are 2.87 million apps for download in the google store.

  • 1/5th of the millennials opens different apps 50+ times per day. 

  • 4/5th of the digital media time in the US comes from mobile apps 

  • The average smartphone user uses ten apps per day, whereas monthly, 30 apps. 

The mobile apps downloads: 

Any app, how useful or industry-oriented it is, doesn’t matter until anybody downloads it. So, before you make people download your app, you need to conduct proper market research and know mobile app usage statistics. 

Global downloads trends: 

The usage of mobile and tablets are rising steadily; consequently, Mobile App Development is also getting more popular day by day.  

We see growth every year, and this trend will also continue for a few years. Last year the app downloads were more than 218 million. The increase is roughly 7%/ year. Though the data is not as promising as it seems, it also signifies the possibility of growth in this aspect. 

Free vs paid downloads: 

Why are you creating an app? The answer is to make money, and that’s why you need to figure out the monetization strategy. Yes, you can charge money for downloads, but that will likely fail because people are used not to paying for downloading apps; 98% of apps are free.

And all the revenue generated is coming from free apps only. Yes, there are minorities of people willing to pay, but that can’t be the source of income from an app. The people who will pay for the app will most likely be more engaged with the content.

Now it’s true that most people will not pay for an app that doesn’t mean you cannot generate money. The likely scenario in which you can make money is through in-app downloads and developing ads.

Google play and apps store downloads:

Globally more people download from the google play store, which is growing at a steady 31% rate, whereas for the app store, the rate is a meagre 2.5%. We can guess why the apple app store has more regulations and needs more complex coding. Any budding mobile app development company will test the waters with the google play store. 

Most downloaded apps and availability in the iOS store: 

The most downloaded apps category in the apps store are gaming. But will you make a gaming app to be at the top of the download statistics?

The answer is no. And anyway, you should not try to trick the store’s rules and regulations, which in turn may ban your app permanently. You should always stick to your product. Suppose you are trying to sell food. Will you entice by saying that your shop is selling clothes? Downloads will increase in due time, depending upon your product. 

The app store market is highly competitive, and there are plenty of apps competing with each other, and it is rising every year as most people are using smartphones.

Most downloaded apps and availability in the google play store:  

The graph for the google play store is very different. Recently there has been a drop in downloads, but that is minor. The trend is upwards, and it will be like that. However, the most downloaded categories in the google play store are communication, business, editing, travel, and social.

Some of them are pre-loaded but pose an excellent proposition for growth. The best part is that you can opt for a variety of segments. This trend is seen worldwide, which poses scope for Mobile App Development Company San Diego and other emerging markets like Asia.

But here, the competition is also more than that of the apple store because of its wide variety of markets. 


An average user spends 3 hours a day in different apps, but most of them will not stay. It means that suppose your app has been downloaded 100 times, 30 times it may be deleted, so to make a profit, you need new people to download your app.

User retention is low in all categories of apps which you as a developer should keep in mind when choosing mobile app development as a career. But this should not be a concern as the more people like your product, the more people will use your app.


Mobile app development is a lucrative and budding industry, and it has the tremendous possibility of growth, but there are also setbacks like any business. But when people become habituated with your app, it will automatically ensure cash flow in the industry. 

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