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Choosing the Right Racking for Your Needs

Deciding on the right racking for your needs can be a surprisingly challenging task.
While at the outset one may imagine in their mind the installation of some shelving and think it’ll be a very simple task, in reality once it properly commences there can be many important considerations which factor into play. So let’s look now at some key elements which should play a role when looking to select the right racking.

Consider the Dimensions of the Shelves and the Surrounding Area

The first task when looking to select racking surrounds their dimensions. Not only must shelves be able to accommodate goods stored on them, but they also of course must be able to fit into the space available, where they’ll ultimately be located. As a result, measuring the space where they shall be placed can be a vital step, before officially commencing browsing, if the shelves will be placed in an area with space constraints.

Factor in the Weight of What Shall Be Stored on Them

The next consideration surrounds the weight of goods which shall be stored. Too often, people make the mistake of selecting shelves based upon other factors such as their stylistic features, which – while these elements certainly warrant some fair thought in their own right – ultimately run secondary to the essential consideration that shelves must be able to carry the weight of anything placed upon it. So it’s critical to have in mind while browsing what goods precisely would be stored on the shelves, and accordingly how much they would weigh.

Be Mindful of Long-Term Needs

While today the racking may be used for only storing light goods, could it be expected that may change in the future? As a rule, it’s always possible to store lighter goods on stronger shelves that they’d require, but it’s not possible to store heavier goods on shelves which are not strong enough to hold them. That’s why if it’s expected that storage needs could evolve in future – with much heavier goods being stored – then opting for stronger shelves can be the ideal move to avoid any hassles down the line.

Think about the Decor (As Necessary)

Even a set of shelves which otherwise serve their purpose well could ultimately still be the wrong selection if their style clashes with the surroundings in the room they’re installed. That’s why taking the time to find a style that’ll suit the existing decor is important. For racking that is going to be in a room that’s commonly out of sight – such as a storage room or a garage – then this may not be as important to factor in. Nonetheless, given there are indeed a range of racking styles out there, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a style which suits and enhances just about any room out there, even if one is totally unique or very unusual in its design. 


Finding the right racking can be challenging, but with the right guidelines in hand it can be made easy. Be sure to consider the dimensions of the shelves and the surrounding area. In turn, factor in the weight of what will be stored on them, and think about the long-term needs when searching out for shelving, so that the shelves acquired could continue to be useful for tomorrow’s needs, as well as today. Finally, think about the decor if the need requires. By following these steps, a fantastic foundation will be place to acquire a brilliant racking solution.

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