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Rusted Bolts Affecting Your Machines? Try Sprays

Rusted bolts are a common problem in many machine shops and can cause serious operational problems. If you can’t cut off the bolt and aren’t sure what steps to take, you may want to consider buying a spray to loosen bolts. Doing so may help you loosen up these rusted bolts without cutting them off and ensure that your machines operate smoothly and efficiently.

How Sprays Loosen Bolts

When your machines experience rusted bolts or other tightness, they may struggle to operate properly and could cause serious complications. Most of the time, removing a rusted bolt is a process that requires brute force that may affect your machine’s operation or cause other issues.

For example, many articles just suggest cutting off the bolt rather than trying to loosen it. While that may be possible on some machines or in some situations, cutting off bolts is extreme and may not work for you. Thankfully, sprays can help by using the following process and steps:

  • Step One: Shake the spray can before opening it up.
  • Step Two: Point the spray can at the rusted bolt.
  • Step Three: Cover the rusted bolt with a thick burst of spray.
  • Step Four: Wait for the spray to work into the rust.
  • Step Five: Repeat this process until the bolt is loosened.
  • Step Six: Remove the bolt using the proper wrench type.

Many Sprays are Available

While a rust-removing spray may seem like it’s too good to be true, these products have become widespread in the industry and are a great option for many companies. If your machine shop is suffering from rust-damaged bolts and you aren’t sure where to turn, find a spray that may work for you. These sprays can also be used for many other processes, including removing and preventing rust.

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