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Disability Services at CUNY and UMass Amherst


Disability services are programs offered by the government or institutions that enable people with disabilities to participate in society and community life. These programs are designed to assist disabled people in the fullest possible way. They provide educational, employment, and health care assistance to help them live full and independent lives. Here are some examples of these programs. Read on to learn more.


CUNY is home to a number of melbourne disability services
-related programs, such as the CUNY Assistive Technology Services, Learning Disabilities Project, and Media Accessibility Project. Students can access additional support and learn more about these programs through the CCSD. Individuals with disabilities can receive additional training in the areas of human rights and disability-related laws. The CCSD helps to build community among the more than 9,000 students with disabilities at CUNY.

All CUNY campuses offer disability services, as well as some community colleges. These offices work with the University’s Office of Student Affairs to provide students with reasonable accommodations and support services. Thousands of students have made CUNY their home by using the disability services. Students with disabilities are required to provide appropriate documentation to ensure that the appropriate accommodations are made for them.

CUNY has a long tradition of providing quality education to all students, regardless their backgrounds. With a total enrollment of nearly two hundred thousand degree-credit students, CUNY offers the opportunity for anyone to pursue a higher education. CUNY is known for its quality education and diversity.

To administer the YTDP, the Institute’s staff, including an ETO Site Administrator and a full-time Project Director, managed the project. The staff used an array of existing CUNY disability services and external resources to ensure that the YTDP program was successful. Lehman College, Hostos College also supported the project.

The disability services department works closely with students to determine whether accommodations are necessary and how to best implement them. It is important to provide detailed documentation regarding the disability and its impact on the student’s daily life. Insufficient documentation can cause services to be delayed. A professional with experience in learning disabilities should conduct the evaluation. The assessment must include the functional impact of the disability and specifics about the learning process. The evaluation should also provide recommendations on accommodations and assistive technology.

UMass Amherst

UMass Amherst’s disability services are designed to empower faculty and students with disabilities. By providing a wide range of services and support, Disability Services seeks to ensure the full integration of people with disabilities into campus life. If you have any questions, please contact the disability office. You can also visit their Facebook page for more information.

Students with disabilities have the right to reasonable accommodations for learning or transportation. These accommodations may include obtaining class notes or excused absences. They can also access accommodation forms or request proctored exams. Students may have difficulty accessing disability services if they lack the funding.

Students with disabilities must register with Disability Services at UMass Amherst. In order to receive a disability accommodation, students must have completed at least 24 credits in the relevant major and be making reasonable academic progress. Applicants must be a current UMass Amherst student or be enrolled in the college for at least one semester. A student must submit their medical documentation in order to apply.

Some accommodations can be difficult to access or use, such ramps that may not always be accessible. Some facilities, such as the Student Union, are not accessible for disabled students. Accessibility issues will also be present in the newly renovated Student Union. Many of the restrooms do not have push-button accessibility. Students with disabilities are encouraged to seek out accommodations to make the campus more inclusive.

Disability Services encourage students to communicate with professors about their disability needs. They offer tips for reducing distractions in the classroom. Course registration is the biggest obstacle for many students. The lack of certainty regarding which courses are offered in-person makes it difficult to schedule disability accommodations.

Yeshiva University

Yeshiva University has many disability-friendly services available to its students. The university is committed to eliminating discrimination and advancing the rights of individuals with disabilities. The university has an aggressive anti-discrimination policy and complies with all federal and state laws regarding the rights of disabled individuals.

The university’s disability services office works in partnership with students, faculty, and staff to provide appropriate accommodations and services for all students. Students with disabilities should be able to thrive in college environments. Students who are eligible for accommodations may receive a customized education. Yeshiva University’s disability services team can help students determine the right educational plan for their needs.

The Shevet Glaubach Center assists students in connecting with employers and organizations. The center allows students to apply for part-time and volunteer jobs. Internships and year-of service programs are also available. Students can also apply to local nonprofit organizations for job opportunities. Students can also find the right career for them through the center.

Students with disabilities can also apply for grants and scholarships. These grants can be used to help students make a positive difference in their communities. In addition to providing financial aid, these grants also cover student fees, transportation, and housing. Yeshiva University also offers access to its online resources. The university’s online application process is easy and fast.

Many campus departments offer disability services. These departments are represented in the Disability Awareness Committee (DAC). DAC members facilitate class discussions, give presentations, and conduct workshops on disability awareness.

Cottey College

The Cottey College disability service office is committed to ensuring full integration of students with disabilities into the college’s educational and social environments. Its mission is to support students with disabilities in their independence, self-advocacy and academic success. It works across campus offices and departments to help students with disabilities achieve full participation in the educational process.

Students with disabilities can register through MyCottey to the disability services office. This site contains a wealth information and forms. The online Disability Resource Center includes articles on disability activism, how you can create accessible documents, as well as information about various national and international organizations that support students with disabilities. Using these resources, Cottey students can make informed decisions regarding their education and the support they need.

Cottey College offers counseling services, tutoring and health services to students. The college is committed to student safety. It has 24-hour emergency telephones, lighted pathways, and controlled access to the dormitories. Cottey College does not permit students to drink alcohol.

A team of professionals from diverse backgrounds staff the Cottey College disability service office. Located in Nevada, Missouri, Cottey College is a women’s college with a residential student population of 350 women. The campus comprises fourteen buildings and a 33-acre wooded recreation park.

Office of University Life

The Disability Services department at the Office of University Life strives to make it accessible for students with disabilities. The staff at this department collaborates with students, faculty and staff to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities. Support services and academic accommodations are some of the services offered. Learn more about the services available for students with disabilities and the types of support they can receive.

Disability Services assists students with disabilities to access campus life, including academic programs and recreational programs. They also serve as a resource for faculty, staff, and students, and promote disability awareness and education. To access the services of Disability Services, a person with a disability must meet specific academic and technical requirements to be admitted to the University.

Disability services at the Office of University Life are available to assist SUNY campuses in meeting the needs of students with disabilities. The office’s staff also works to ensure that SUNY campuses meet all federal, state, and local accessibility regulations. The Office of University Life serves as a liaison between SUNY System and local agencies or organizations that work with people with disabilities.

Disability services at the Office of University Life work with students on a case-by-case basis to provide academic accommodations and auxiliary aids. These accommodations are based on the student’s physical or mental limitations and how they impact their academic performance. Generally, students must meet with a disability access specialist or program director to request accommodations and services. They must provide documentation of their disability. The student should be accompanied by a disability access specialist or program manager to determine the best way to support them.

The University Life office is committed to providing equal access for students with disabilities to all services. They provide academic accommodations as well as counseling and arrangements for auxiliary aids and other services.


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