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Dog Collar or Dog Harness – Which is better for Dog Walking

If you’re a dog owner, you already know how wonderful it is to share your home with your furry best friend. But did you know that the kind of collar or harness used when walking your dog can actually make a difference for his safety and comfort? I found this out the hard way – too late – when I adopted my dog pup Peanut.

It’s hard to pick between a dog collar and a dog harness, especially when you want the best for your dog when it comes to being comfortable and safe.

A good dog leash is an important thing to have for dog owners. It helps to control your dog or puppy and make your walk more comfortable for both of you. You can also use a harness which also gives more comfort to your dog especially if it has a long fur coat and when the temperature is high.

Types of Dog Collars and Harnesses

So, you’re interested in finding out which is better for dog walking, collars or harnesses? Well, before we get into that, let’s first look at the different types of dog collars and harnesses available.

A collar is a smaller piece of material that fits around your dog’s neck. A harness is a larger piece of material that goes across the chest and stomach with straps that attach to the back legs.

Dog collars come in different materials like leather or nylon. You can also find them in different sizes and styles. There are plain collars and fancy ones with designs or sayings on them. Some dogs may not like to wear collars because they rub their skin or get caught on things in their environment.

Dog harnesses are often made from nylon webbing or leather. They are usually worn by dogs who have health issues such as hip dysplasia or back problems. They allow you to walk your dog without putting pressure on those sensitive areas while still having control over him/her during the walk.

Dog Collar or Dog Harness

Dog harnesses and dog collars are both great options for dog walking. But which is better?

Let’s take a look at what each offers to help you decide.

Dog Collars:

Dog collars fit around your dog’s neck. They’re often made of nylon or leather, and they come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. Some dog collars have tags, ID tags, or other accessories attached to them.

Pros: Dog collars are very common, and they’re usually the first choice of owners who want their dogs to wear something around their necks while they go on walks together. They’re simple to use, easy to put on and take off of your dog, and they usually don’t cost much money unless you’re getting a particularly high-end option like leather.

Cons: While there’s no denying that dog collars are very popular at the moment, there are some serious issues with these accessories that have become more and more apparent as time goes on. First of all, many dogs can easily slip out of their collars if they aren’t fitted properly—and proper fitting is hard to do when there’s no way to adjust collar fit after it has been purchased!

Dog harness: 

A harness is a piece of equipment for walking your dog that fits around the animal’s neck and around its body. There are different styles of harnesses on the market today, but they all serve to connect your dog’s leash and collar to you, the owner.

Most importantly, harnesses allow you to control your dog better than a collar alone since it is attached around the chest rather than just the neck area. This means if your dog tries to run or pull in an unexpected direction, you are less likely to injure their neck or spine.


When it comes to getting outdoors with your dog, there are two basic choices to consider. The first is a dog harness, which fits around the shoulders and upper torso and helps distribute the pulling force across the chest instead of the neck. The second choice is a dog collar, which goes around the dog’s neck and squeezes in response to pulling.

Ultimately, there are pros and cons to each. Dog harnesses are ideal for a variety of circumstances, it all depends on your dog. Dogs that pull and have sensitive necks will have the most to gain from a harness.

So, whatever side of the debate you are on, whether you want to go with a dog harness or a dog collar, please remember that the most important thing is that you and your dog remain safe while walking. It is ultimately up to you as to what is best for both you and your pet. 

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