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Writing An Argumentative Essay On Global Warming In 7 Easy Steps


The unusual increase in the earth’s temperature is known as global warming. There are many reasons behind this temperature increase. Scientists and researchers often argue about the reasons for global warming. Therefore, an essay written on the causes of global warming is most likely to be an argumentative essay. Many students do not know how to structure their essays on global warming. The potential reason behind this can be the excess of the data available in evidence. So, in today’s article, I will describe how you can write an argumentative essay on global warming in 7 easy steps. Before that, let’s look at the basic five parts of argumentative writing.

What are the five parts of an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay aims to present your argument on global warming. To do this effectively, first, you need to know about the parts of this essay. After knowing this, the rest of the work will become very easy. Hence, a brief description of all the five parts is as follows;

  • Claim: At first, you claim your position. You do this by stating your argument in the opening paragraphs. It explains what you are typing to prove or argue about.
  • Reason: In the next step, you provide reasons for the particular position. Reasons are important because your evidence will be based on your reasons.
  • Evidence: In the third step, you state your evidence. You take support from quotes, surveys, facts, and figures about global warming.
  • Counterclaim: In this part, you describe the other or opposite side of the argument.
  • Rebuttal: This part describes the reasons based on which you criticise the counterargument. It simply means your response to the other side of the argument.

What is global warming in an argumentative essay?

Global warming is essentially the rise in the earth’s temperature due to greenhouse gases and other human activities. Global warming is giving birth to many issues. Whether you are writing on your own or writing with the help of a cheap essay writing service, you talk about those issues and give your argument. A brief description of all the issues associated with global warming and its arguments is as follows;

Disturbance in monsoon patterns

In a global warming argumentative essay, you can talk about the issue of disturbance in the monsoon patterns. Due to increased temperature, the clouds have more capacity to hold the water. With this increase, the monsoon rains, which are vital for many purposes, are disturbing. Our environment does not get enough rain when it needs but gets it when it does not need it. This results in floods and other calamities. Hence, this is a potential issue of global warming that you can talk about in your essay.

Argument: The ability of clouds to hold more water due to global warming is disrupting the monsoon patterns.

Increment in earth’s temperature

Due to global warming, the earth’s temperature is increasing day by day. Each year, the earth’s habitats face an unprecedented increase in its temperature. It is a major issue that you can write an argumentative essay about. The hottest year in recorded history is 2016, in which the temperature rose to 51 degrees Celsius. The winter season is also becoming colder and colder with each passing year. It is not very far when the earth’s temperature will become unbearable for its residents.

Argument: Higher temperatures are worsening the living conditions of the planet earth.


One of the most significant issues associated with global warming is heat waves. Heatwaves or heat strokes are becoming normal with each passing year. The minor daily variations in the environment are normal. But due to global warming, extreme changes like a sudden increase in the temperature are also an issue that you can discuss in your argumentative essay. Such waves can give birth to many heart-related diseases and deaths.

Argument: Heatwaves are becoming more common and tense with each passing year.


Droughts are a potential issue caused by global warming. With less than average rain each year, the droughts are becoming normal in arid regions. These regions already get little rain. With global warming, they are experiencing worst-case scenarios. The shortage of food and other problems are associated with droughts. You can write an argumentative essay about this issue.

Argument: Warmer temperatures increase evaporation giving rise to droughts in arid regions.

How do you start a global warming essay?

Global warming has become a global issue in the recent past. Many researchers and academicians are writing about this issue. Therefore, you need some guidelines on starting your global warming essay. To start it effectively, you should follow the guidelines below;

Start with a quote

You can start your essay with a quote. To do this, find a famous environmentalist and look for his quotes. You should quote his saying word by word. An example is given below;

“Global warming isn’t a prediction. It is happening.”- James Hansen

Start with a fact

Starting your argumentative essay with an astonishing fact is sometimes very helpful. The facts and figures attract people a lot. The reason behind this is that the huge facts and figures create a feeling of fear in people. They start reading your essay and read it completely.

An example of this start is as follows;

“The earth’s average temperature has risen by two degrees by the 1990s.”

Start with a question.

Sometimes starting your essay with a question shocks your audience. Shocking your audience is the best strategy that you can use to attract them. The question allows you to present some of the general thoughts of the readers as well. If they think so, they will become interested in your essay and read it till the last sentence. An example of this type of start is as follows;

“How does climate change affect you personally?”


Global warming is a reality, and people should accept this reality. Due to this, we are facing many global issues now like droughts, less rainfall, etc. To write an argumentative essay on this topic, you should follow the abovementioned guidelines. They will help you write an effective introduction.

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