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How do I launch a new product on Amazon?

One of the biggest queries we receive from our clients is how to begin launching the first item on Amazon. Here are some easy guidelines to follow when launching your product, to increase your chances to grow organically and achieve longevity.

First, it is important to note that the Amazon marketplace is certainly an option to consider in 2022. In the year 2000, Amazon was the main source of 43.5 percent of US eCommerce. It ended the year with total revenues in the range of $469 billion.

With this in mind, let’s look at ways best to set up your item for the Amazon market.

Let’s begin with the listing procedure and the suggestions and tricks we offer for this category.

We utilize Amazon Brand Analytics and professional tools such as SellerApp to conduct keyword and ASIN research when planning an upcoming product launch on Amazon.

You can then study the entire Amazon interface at a glance and get the most important information regarding your product. After carefully setting up filters and scouring through thousands and hundreds of terms, you’ll be able to identify the most relevant ones to begin your journey to a new product on Amazon. It is also advisable to search for similar products.

Once you have identified your top fifteen keywords, you can begin adding these keywords to the title of the product and product description. This will increase your product’s rank.


Select your keywords carefully and then add the keywords in an orderly sequence and try not to more than 100 characters.


Make sure you have enough items in your inventory because being short of items could negatively affect your listings and rank.

Description/Product Detail Page:

Be sure to include 5 bullets. This is the place where your extensive search for keywords will get utilized most. Be sure to include highlights of your product and distinctive sales pitches.

Product Images:

Include at minimum 7 images and one video to ensure optimal performance and results. Images should be high-resolution and present the product from various perspectives. 

Include pictures of lifestyles that are frequently overlooked. Be sure to explain the benefits of the product and address any questions customers might ask.

A+ Content:

A+ Content could boost your sales by 10%, according to Amazon statistics. The first step is to be recognized as a brand’s owner by the Amazon Brand Registry process. 

Amazon A+ content allows you to be extremely creative and add brand-name content as well as additional descriptions and keywords that can be indexed and crawled by Google and other search engines.


It’s a vicious cycle because a new item will not have reviews, but to be purchased it requires reviews. You can make use of Amazon Vine, which is an app that will invite the most reliable reviews (based on their rank as reviewers) to write a review of your item.

So, you’ll be able to swiftly reach the 15 reviews Amazon recommends as the ideal number to ensure that your product will be ready for retail. 

After you have received reviews, be moved to the next stage of the product’s launch, which is driving traffic via Amazon advertising. 

In the wrong way, you will end up with lower sales which will likely cause you to overspend your money.


Amazon respects its customers and puts a lot of emphasis on giving them the best experience on its site. So, a new product has to show its worth to its customers.

To appear in organic search results, you must generate the product sold and improve your ranking. The only way to achieve this is to use Amazon PPC for your newly launched product. This is a vicious cycle, however, you must begin somewhere.

Based on the amount of competition is there in the niche you’re offering and the level of competition, you may need to pay a couple of dollars to start being found in the search results. In this way, you will receive clicks on your top keywords, and also your Click Through Rate (CTR) will increase, as will your rank is improved, and sales begin to grow.

Your product will be different in its ranking for every single search term pertinent to the product. The gradual growth of the advertising side will make your product more prominent in the organic aspect.

When you invest in advertising, your product will become more noticeable on Amazon and will result in more sales. This is known as”the “Amazon flywheel effect”.

Final thoughts

An active listing with a registered brand can make a big impact on your product’s release on Amazon.

If you invest your advertising budget properly and you’ll get higher rankings for keywords relevant to your product in both organic and paid searches. If you follow these two steps carefully your product will soon gain traction on Amazon.

Don’t forget to bring more attention to your site by leveraging influencers on social media and also add Amazon coupons that are valid for a short period of time.

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