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How Long Does Coolsculpting Results Last On The Stomach?

Nearly everyone is aware of the cosmetic procedures and the ability they possess. Gone are when people used to do extensive workouts and practice diets to shed some kilos. Coolsculpting is a widely known treatment for people looking to shed some kilos. 

Usually, the treatment can be done on any part of the body, but the statistics reveal that most people seek it to treat their belly fat or stomach. The reason is that the stomach consists of stubborn fat, which takes time and effort to eliminate.

But before picking coolsculpting for the same, people wonder-How long does coolsculpting last and whether they’ll get the desired results or not? Let us enquire about the same in the sections mentioned below to help people make a wise decision. 

Coolsculpting on stomach 

It is a normal sight to witness people having love handles or stubborn fat near their stomach or waist. But living with it is not normal. Without any doubt, an effective remedy for treating your stubborn stomach fat is coolsculpting. 

The coolsculpting treatment is not like the usual treatments and is unique. It is approved by the FDA and is a fat-freezing treatment helping people to get slimmer and toned waist. It not only relieves you from your excess weight but also helps you to accomplish your body goals. 

People know coolsculpting for its excellent results and painless experience. Another perk of having the coolsculpting done is that it is not taking all the time. It means that you’ll be done with it in less than an hour. 

Coolsculpting procedure 

The procedure of coolsculpting the stomach remains pretty much the same as it is for other bulgy areas such as thighs, buttocks, hips, and others. The physician will move the applicator all over your stomach region to eliminate the fat cells from the particular area itself without harming the other nearby areas. 

Physicians will keep doing this until all your dead and damaged fat cells leave your body. For this, he will deliver the controlled cooling to the stomach and make you get a toned tummy. But the results won’t be witnessed right after following a coolsculpting session as it will take some time for you to see its results. 

Benefits of coolsculpting 

People think that coolsculpting only helps them get rid of the excess weight, but it is not. There’s more to coolsculpting than what you imagine. Let us unlock some of its benefits. 

No discomfort 

The patients who underwent coolsculpting reported being at ease while undergoing their session—consequently, nothing to worry about. You’ll witness a significant reduction in your fat without feeling any discomfort during the treatment. 

Long-lasting results 

The results bestowed by the coolsculpting are long-lasting and consistent. But for this, you have to ensure to get the follow-up sessions side by side to get the body of your dreams. More sessions, the better the results will be. 

No downtime 

There is absolutely no downtime involved in coolsculpting. It no longer demands you to take an off from your work or routine tasks. It simply means that you can easily carry on your daily tasks without getting worried about the treatment. 

Treats varied areas 

Coolsculpting is highly effective in treating the stomach and several other body parts such as thighs, buttocks, armpits, bra bulges, lower abdomen, double chin, and whatnot. Consequently, it is your one-stop remedy for all the weight loss concerns. 

How long does coolsculpting last? 

The majority of patients have one question on their mind, and that is- How long does coolsculpting last? In reality, it depends on how long you want to make it last. Usually, the treatment results sustain for nearly one year. 

But by making certain changes in your routine can make the results continue for years. For instance, you can start having a healthy diet full of veggies and fruits and avoid processed food which amounts to weight gain. Also, it will help you to stay healthy. Besides this, make it a habit of practicing at least 30-45 minutes of workout daily. Consequently, the coolsculpting results will last for years. 


This much information must have been enough to get your answer- How long does coolsculpting last? It is one of the finest treatments that you have ever gone through it and moreover, it not only reduces stubborn fat but also helps us to gain more confidence. If you still have some questionings concerning this, you can reach out to the experts at Beverly Hills Med Spa. 


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